WordPress explained, what is wordpress?

WordPress Explained For Beginners

In this article, you’ll learn: what WordPress is and what it can do for you; what a content management system is; what open-source software entails; why open source is great.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which means it permits you to create a website and write content that you want to share with the world. There are three factors that are fundamental to what WordPress does:

Create content

First, there’s an excellent text editor, named the block editor, that helps you design posts and pages. It further enables you to add all sorts of media to your posts and pages.

Organize content

Furthermore, WordPress gives ways to manage and structure your content. For instance, in its Customizer, you can add menus and organize your categories and tags. There are also occasions to add breadcrumbs. Plus, with a plugin called Yoast SEO, you can build your internal linking structure. In this approach, your content converts an actual website, not just a compilation of posts and pages.

Customize your site

Thirdly, WordPress has all sorts of choices to customize how your website works and what it looks like. For example, there are many ready-made themes to pick from. Alternatively, you can further add custom code and build your website individually.

WordPress explained, what is it?

Cool Aspects of WordPress

Ready-to-use resources

One of the great points about WordPress is that there are large libraries of ready-to-use templates and features that people have designed for you to hand-pick and implement to your site. Some of those are free, and for others, you will need to pay.

In any circumstance, all of these resources enable you to do sorts of things, even though you don’t understand how to code.

They’ll enable you to add functionalities to your website and improve the way your website looks. By making clever use of these resources, you can create your website precisely what you want it to be.

This makes WordPress a really easy-to-use CMS.

WordPress is free

WordPress is free, meaning you won’t need to pay license fees to use it: you can simply download it.

Please remark that this is correct for WordPress.org, the version of WordPress we’ll concentrate on in this article. For the different versions of WordPress, WordPress.com, there are paid programs available. We’ll explain more further the distinction between WordPress.org and WordPress.com in future.

WordPress is an open-source software

Another excellent point about WordPress is that it is an open-source software.

Open-source software is a software that’s developed inside a community. Everyone can utilize, change, and distribute the code. People are encouraged to join and develop the software project.

This means that everyone can see and contribute to the program code that shapes WordPress. This creates a very powerful ecosystem.

WordPress doesn’t belong to a company. It is smoothly editable by a greater community of people, who build on what’s previously there, developing WordPress one step at a time.

That’s one of the reasons why there are so many exceptional extensions to the core of what WordPress gives, and why it’s so adaptable!

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What can you do with WordPress?

But what can you do with WordPress? Well, virtually everything!

As we’ve discussed before, one of the great strengths of WordPress is that you can use it to do all sorts of stuff. For instance, you can set up:

  • a blog
  • a business site
  • a discussion forum
  • a news site
  • a membership site
  • a photography site
  • an online store
  • a knowledge base
  • … and much more!

This list could go on and on, the possibilities are countless. Because it’s so simple to customize, WordPress is a very powerful and resilient base that can house anything you want to create.

What is open source?

By now, you probably have a pretty clear idea about what WordPress is and what you can do with it. One of the things we mentioned before is that WordPress is open-source. But… What does that mean? That’s what we’ll explain in this article!

So, what is open source? Software that is open source is developed within a community. Everybody can utilize, change, and distribute the code of open-source software. People are encouraged to join and to improve the software project. There are multiple cases of open-source software.

The internet browser Mozilla Firefox is open source, just like VLC media player. And maybe you’ve heard about Linux? We’ll explore a few examples in-depth in the Advanced section below. While we’ve previously explained, WordPress is an open-source CMS.

Examples of open-source software

Let’s take a closer look at a few examples of open-source software. We’ll discuss Mozilla Firefox, Linux, and Yoast SEO.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, or simply Firefox, is a very popular open-source web browser that is freely downloadable. It is one of the leading open-source projects in the world.

The project began in 1 998 with the release of the source code of Firefox’s predecessor, Netscape.

After several years of development, Mozilla 1 .0 was released in 2002. For a long time, it was the only viable alternative to Microsoft’s then-leading browser Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox, like WordPress, is open-source software, wordpress explained.


Linux is the most famous and most-used open-source operating system.

An operating system is a software that controls all the other software on your computers (or other devices), like Microsoft Windows and Apple’s macOS.

Unlike other operating systems, the code that’s applied to create Linux is free and accessible to the public to view, edit, and contribute to.

Quite like Mozilla Firefox, Linux is openly available to anyone. There are different versions (called ‘distributions’, or in short ‘distros’) with many functions and looks prepared.

Linux is the most famous and most-used open-source operating system. 
Wordpress explained.

Yoast plugins

Just like Mozilla Firefox, Linux, and WordPress, all of Yoast’s plugins are open source as well.

Open source is at the center of Yoast. That’s why all their plugins are open source, as is their flagship plugin, Yoast SEO.

They don’t just open up the source code, although they encourage other people to help them improve it too. As a result, team Yoast also contributes to the improvement of WordPress itself.

Yoast’s plugins are open source.

Why open source is great?

Hence, now you understand what open source entails. You also understand that I am a big fan of open source. But why do I prefer open-source so much? Well, there are three reasons for this.

Open source is the best way to get innovations and solutions.

First of all, we believe that open source is the best way to get innovations and new solutions to the problems we face.

This comes down to whether two heads are better than one. The information of two or more people joined will always surpass that of one person only. If people – particularly people from various environments – collaborate on a project, the project will benefit. 

Working collectively on a solution, together or not, will lead to more solid solutions.

In summary: we should stand on each other’s shoulders: we should take benefit of each other’s advantages and capabilities. That will point to true innovation.

Open source benefits avoid wasting expertise and talents.

The other reason why I prefer open source is that it benefits to avoid wasting expertise and talents.

So many people around the world keep working on resolving the same or related problems, and that’s a waste of expertise and talents. 

Why should all schools have the same website? The functionality of these websites is usually pretty much identical. The same goes for websites of hospitals, universities, and governments. It’s a waste when a lot of people are working on similar projects without working together.

We shouldn’t need to reinvent the wheel over and over again. If we’d perform work the open-source-way, we would distribute our learning about the invention of the wheel. Deliver other people to benefit from our wheel. And allow people to improve upon that wheel.

Open source is inclusive.

The third reason why we love open source is that open source is inclusive. 

Open-source projects like WordPress encourage everyone to join. Really everyone.

Open source is an equalizer. If you desire to contribute to WordPress, you can. It doesn’t care about which company you are from, which country you come from and it doesn’t care how much money you make or what you look like.

Everybody has their expertise, and your skills will be appreciated in the open-source community. It is very inclusive, and it offers chances to everybody.

Whether you have programming talents, love interpreting, have excellent organizational abilities, or a great insight into the community to get others involved. Everyone can participate!

So, what does that mean? Open-source code is visible to everybody. Hence the code of WordPress is visible to everybody as well. Because of this, you can study other people’s code. You can examine and study the solutions of other people.

Working on open-source projects further means that you can consult and collaborate with others who are working on a similar product.

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WordPress allows you to build a website and publish content that you want to share with the world. It is an inclusive content management system (CMS).

There are three factors that are primary to what WordPress does:

  • WordPress uses a text editor to create content;
  • WordPress offers ways to arrange and structure your content;
  • WordPress has options to customize how your site works and what it looks like.

WordPress is very easy to use because there are a lot of ready-to-use templates and features available.

WordPress is a software with free and open-source, and it has a lot of possibilities.

If the software is open source, that basically means that software is developed within a community. Everybody can utilize, change, and share the code of open-source software. People are supported to join and to develop the software project.

Open source is excellent because of three reasons:

  • Open source is the most reliable method to make new innovations and resolutions.
  • Open source benefits avoid wasting expertise and talents.
  • Open source is inclusive.

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