How to use Pinterest to promote your business?

How to use Pinterest to promote your business?

Use Pinterest to promote your business, it’s one of the trending and most effective social networks with more than 400 million users worldwide.

The principle is simple: you share your ideas and interests through pins, which can take the form of photos, links, or videos, on public or private thematic boards. Just imagine a corkboard on which you pin ideas, but online!

How can Pinterest help you be successful online?

Pinterest is an interesting, if not essential, marketing tool for promoting your brand, connecting with customers, and boosting your traffic.

Functioning as a visual discovery engine, it will be a great ally in your content marketing strategy. In addition, the competition is much less fierce than on other social networks.

As with any tool, it is by taming it that you will discover its full potential for your business. Take your first steps on Pinterest by following my advice.

Who uses Pinterest?

According to official figures from Pinterest in 2020, the social network is extremely popular with Generation X and Y (25-45 years old). Traditionally used by women (70%), the tool is attracting more and more men (40% of new users).

Craftsmen, pastry chefs, designers, bloggers, photographers, travelers… all profiles, especially creative professions, come together to promote their activity and find new ideas.

Some companies use Pinterest as a way to collect information about consumers. Customers pin their passions in public, so they take the opportunity to understand their needs and desires: what are the most pinned content? How to interpret the way in which users pin their passion? And how to improve your product after analyzing the most popular pins?

How does Pinterest work?

What’s great about Pinterest is how easy it is to use. A pin can take the form of a photo, recipe, quote, or video.

Pinterest users can save your Pins, click them to learn more, or share them. Pinterest also allows them to only display content that interests them.

They collect and organize their Pins on boards that they create themselves and that other people can follow by subscribing.

Here’s how to create your Pinterest account (it’s free!):

Preferably create a business account. Fill out its form, accept the terms of use, and click Continue. You can also sign up through Facebook or Gmail.

How to use Pinterest to promote your website?

Choose areas of interest. They will be your first subscriptions and Pinterest will be inspired by them to suggest related content on your home page.

Create your first pin. In your Business Hub, click the + icon or the Create> Create Pin drop-down menu at the top of the page. Add a photo or video, enter a title and description, enter destination, click Publish and you’re done!

Personalize your profile. Click on the downward chevron icon in the upper right corner, go to Settings to configure your profile and account.

Then, you can perform several personalization actions on your Jimdo site and on Pinterest in order to start attracting visitors:

Allow sharing on Pinterest. This feature allows your visitors to easily pin your images.

Add a Pinterest widget to your website. Boost your visitors’ interactions with your profile and your Pinterest content by integrating a Save, Subscribe, Pin, Board, or Profile button on your website.

Claim your website. This action is necessary to access the statistics provided by Pinterest. This will allow you to track the performance of your Pins and study long-term trends.

How to use Pinterest to promote your business?

Now that you’ve created a Pinterest business account, start using it to promote your business or business now!

Boost your traffic and sales on your site

Encourage users to visit your website by pinning photos of your products or services including a link to your website or e-store for more details.

Above all, on Pinterest, you need images, preferably vertical, that catch the eye. To do this, follow our advice to highlight your photos on your site.

Go for rich pins. There are several types: product, recipe, article. These are organic Pins that automatically update with information from your website.

Rich Pins are convenient because they provide more information. For a product, they will indicate in particular the price and the state of the stock. For a recipe, they will display useful information, such as the number of portions, preparation time, diet, list of ingredients … Finally, the rich article pins display the title, description, and author of a blog post.

If you’re a service company that doesn’t inherently produce a lot of visual content, go for standard pins in the form of quotes or tips that you post on your blog.

Create pins and boards that match your brand

Use your content in a relevant way to build or strengthen your brand image.

Your Pins don’t necessarily need to feature original content – the important thing is sharing quality, eye-catching photos, information from trusted sources, and unique tips.

If your content is interesting and consistent with your brand image, people will see you as a trustworthy business and recommend you to those around them.

Increase your visibility with pins linked to current trends

Create pins or boards on popular topics that are indirectly related to your business. This will reach new users with common interests while nurturing your current audience with new content.

For example, on my Pinterest account, in addition to offering content to help you be successful online with your WordPress site, I also cover other topics related to affiliate marketing, passive income ideas, content marketing, etc.

These Pins allow us to reach potential customers who are basically looking for Pins on these topics, but who don’t know us yet. In addition, this approach shows our desire to support all website creators in their activities as freelancers or entrepreneurs.

Re-pin content from other users

Don’t limit yourself to repinning only your own content, otherwise, you will be penalized by Pinterest.

content - How to use Pinterest to promote your business?

Save and share pins or boards of other users relevant to your brand. In addition to offering new content to your subscribers, you will stimulate interactions in your community and even beyond.

If you keep a recipe blog, in addition to your recipe pins, you could share drink pins that would go well with your dishes.

Post Video Pins

In case you haven’t noticed, videos are the new must-have format on the web.

Do not hesitate to use it. No need to call a videographer, short quality videos were taken with your smartphone will do the trick.

For example, if you sell spices in your e-store, you could create a recipe video using one of your products as an ingredient.

Pinterest isn’t just about a patchwork of beautiful images. This platform can be very relevant for your business as a referring site.

With an informative approach, pins with quality content, and a regular analysis of your progress, Pinterest will prove to be a real asset in your marketing strategy on social networks.

It’s your turn to pin!

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