proven ways to drive traffic to website.

Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Website

Drive traffic to website by using these proven ways and you’ll receive a huge stream of traffic to your website.

Without missing my words, owning a website without traffic is worthless because the traffic is your audience. The unfortunate bit is that most people do not get sufficient traffic needed to touch their goals.

With traffic, the thoughts that would go through your mind as a website owner are limitless. The million-dollar issue now is, “how to drive traffic to website?”

For presently, you might as well give that Google searches some rest from hitting all the keywords like; how to get traffic, free traffic, and the like and start focusing on this article. 

I have collected a very complete list of many ways that will benefit you and drive countless traffic to your website. If you spend your time on the methods that I am about to tell, I am rather sure you will succeed in receiving a nice stream of traffic to your website.

I believe you must be supercharged right now and are waiting to drive traffic to website and get the most of it. 

But, let me put it out that these practices do not work overnight, some need some time to achieve and some take less time and the outcomes vary, but all the same, you will gain some traffic. 

The main obstacle that people have following reading a great article is taking action. People do not take action and see no returns or they want to get outcomes overnight. 

The Internet world needs time and time is what you should put in and add a little patience to it. 

If you are available to learn, we will get down to business and provide you some awesome ways to get unlimited traffic to your website.

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Drive Traffic to Website by Banner Advertisement

This is a great way to get some real targeted traffic. Simply, a banner advertisement means arranging some banners on other websites to attract traffic from them. 

There are two methods to reach this.

Firstly, you could locate leading traffic websites and then send the website owner an email that you are interested in placing a banner linking to your website. From where you agree on the fees and next put your banner ad on their website. 

Sometimes, some websites that do know that they attract huge volumes of traffic previously have a service or sell banner ad spaces on their websites. Normally, you will notice words like; “your ad here” or “your banner here for $xxx.”

On the other hand, you can seek banner ad brokers or banner services. 

These websites have traffic services varying in different classes according to cost and traffic. They previously have many websites on which they place their banner adverts, so, depending on the kind of service you need, you get traffic respectively. 

This choice is considerably more costly compared to the first option since it takes away the trouble of searching for websites you want to put a banner on.

drive traffic to website by banner ad.

Drive Traffic to Website by YouTube Video Marketing

This is still another great way to tap into unlimited traffic. 

The first thing you will need to do is create a YouTube channel that is concentrated on the niche that your website is involved with. It serves to have related themes as the website does so that your audience notices the link between the two and strengthens your website brand.

Next, you create videos associated with the niche that you are concerned about, for the goals of this article, we will use weight loss as our niche example. 

Then, you create a weight loss YouTube channel and then produce weight loss videos. You could begin by creating videos such as tips for losing belly fat or perhaps keeping in shape the simple way. All in all, the videos must likewise be consistent and very helpful to watchers.

Moreover, the video must have a link to your website someplace.

Therefore, you could have the link inside the video, by attaching your watermark (powered by YouTube) linked to your website or channel. 

You could also think of having the link in the description box right below the video or you could have it within the video which can be seen while the video plays. 

All these options can be used at the same time for the maximization of the possibilities of the click-through.

One of the most crucial points that your video should have is a call to action. The point is that once the watcher completes watching the video, they are left in indecisiveness and their mind can wander around and go watch something else. So, with the aim of controlling the viewer’s awareness, a call to action to subscribe to the channel, or click the link to your website is a very workable option.

Through having them subscribe, you hold them within your reach because each time a new video has been uploaded they are notified. On the other hand, by asking them to click the link then you are easily redirecting traffic to your website.

drive traffic to website by youtube

Drive Traffic to Website by Building an Email List

Most website owners rely on organic traffic also understood as search engines as the main source of traffic for their websites. 

With time, the search engines have further brought in their multiple updates that shape the way they manage and decide what ranks out on top. As a consequence, many have lost out on a large deal of traffic. 

So, it is particularly smart to make sure that you as a website owner catch every visitor that comes traveling on your website. That’s where you can build an email list.

An email list is built by visitors who reach your website and opt-in with their emails to receive updates or additional bonuses from the website. 

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Therefore, all you need to do is design an opt-in page and have an email service provider that you work with to build the list. Two email marketing providers I can recommend are GetResponse and Aweber.

The email list that is built is then used to promote products, alert the audience of new updates or new posts created to the websites. This in turn benefits builds a long-term relationship with the audience forward further making it more accessible to drag them to your website.

drive traffic to website by building a email list


EBooks are different great methods of generating unlimited traffic to your website. 

There is a study of authority whenever a visitor reaches to find a free eBook in collaboration with excellent content on the website. When you connect the two, they are more likely to get their hands on the eBook.

Therefore, the theory is that you as a website owner are an authority in a particular niche related to your website. 

But, this may not always be the case since there is a need to outsource the writing of the ebook. Then, you go over to websites like Fiverr, iwriter, or among others, and get the writers to write your eBook.

An ebook is an excellent tool when it arises to traffic generation because it can be used in two ways. 

The first is that it can be used as a free giveaway for all visitors who opt-in on the email list or you could simply attach a link to your eBook back to your website. 

In the second option, as the book is circling amongst many individuals. People will desire to find your website especially if the content in the book is great.


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Forum Participation

Depending on the niche that your website relates to, you as a website owner should follow forums within a similar niche or those that are very firmly related. 

Apart from studying from the forum, it can further be a super source for targeted traffic. 

This is remarkable because a forum is made of people who have one or closely similar interests that draw them all together. Therefore, if the forum is regarding ladies’ boots, then if you own a website to do with ladies’ shoes that could be a benefit for you.

While you enter the forum, you must comply with the trends and learn which kind of posts made on the forum receive the most attention. 

Post related topics that are well researched and very helpful. Your posts should be good enough to match some of the few authority posts on the website. 

Therefore, when leading forum members to external links, they believe you because you are a prime contributor. So following doing this a couple of times you take them to check out your website not as a website owner but as a prime contributor from the forum.

join forum

Drive Traffic to Website by Producing Solid Content

If you haven’t been thinking this then it’s high time you did. 

Producing quality content is just irreplaceable. With this, you build a long-lasting relationship with your audience and a potential large following. 

Each day, we have visitors searching for information and if they got what they were searching for from your website last time, they will possibly click the bookmark add button without second thoughts.

Solid content is additionally a good tact to stay on select terms with the search engines. 

Putting in mind that these are one of the most reliable sources of traffic out there, you wouldn’t want to be walking on their toes. Search engines aim at presenting high-quality content to their clients and wouldn’t direct traffic to websites that do not earn it.

Then you would be asking, what solid content is? This is content that grasps the audience engaged and informed at the same time. 

In easy terms, after reading your article, the reader should be able to receive the help that they needed or a solution to the problem that they had in their mind. Moreover, they should be capable of reading through the entire article until the finish without being bored.

In principle, great content is essential for building a royalty relationship between the website owner and the reader. Excellent content can likewise be used as a cache for your website visitors to opt-in with their emails and improve on building your list.

writing solid content

Image Optimization

This is one element that many misses and consider is natural, yet can likewise be great to draw in some huge traffic. 

You have some images on your website, but are you taking the benefit of them?

Keep in mind that search engines likewise have the functionality to search for images of websites. How do they achieve this? They search the tags added to the image or the image title. 

When creating websites with platforms like WordPress, you have the option of tagging the image with titles related to the image and article it has been put in. Therefore, when someone is searching for articles linked to the image tags placed they receive your image as a portion of the image search results.

Well, this is not complete. After tagging your image with the proper keywords, you would need to also let other websites recognize that you have this image on your websites. 

Exactly like if you share a new blog post on Facebook, Twitter, you should share it through Pinterest, a social media website where images are shared. If your image is attractive enough, it will get pinned by many and receive many shares. But, for this to be further efficient you need to link the image on Pinterest to your website.

Finally, you need to keep your audience on your website as much as possible. 

Then, as an additional salt to pepper, you need to link your images to other pages linked to the article or image with the thought that, for example, if the visitor is reading on quick methods to lose weight and the image is showing a man with a large belly, then you could link this to an article about losing belly fat.

optimize images to drive traffic to website

Article Directory Submission

There are lots of article directories on the Internet, such as EzineArticles and ArticleCity. Here you can submit your articles and acquire them to link back to your website.

The best way to proceed with this is to first read through profoundly rated articles related to your niche so that you have an idea of what kind of article receives the most attention. 

From there, go to work and start writing on the wanted topic related to your niche. 

The article must be of high quality and fun to read, because if the readers do not read to the end of the article where the link normally is, then the entire process is defeated.

Generally,  the more views you receive, the more chances that your readers want to find out more about your product, service, or topic you were writing about by clicking the link to your website.

article city

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