How to start affiliate marketing?

How to start affiliate marketing?

Learning how to start affiliate marketing in some simple steps. You can also learn some affiliate marketing basics like affiliate terminologies, which help you get a deeper understanding about it.

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission by selling a product or service offered by another business. It’s an excellent method to increase your income without leaving the comfort of your home.

It is one of the earliest digital marketing methods, while you recommend any online product to someone, and when they buy the product, you earn a commission.

This commission varies from $ 1 to $ 10,000 based on the product or service you are promoting.

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How to start affiliate marketing? The following 4 simple steps explain how it works:

  1. First, looking for an affiliate program.
  2. Then you select a product to promote (You will receive a unique affiliate link).
  3. Thirdly, you share the link through social media, blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook ads, or any other form.
  4. Lastly, if someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you make a nice affiliate commission.

Numerous online businesses that sell products such as shoes, web-hosting spaces, or any other service, normally provide an affiliate program.

You can easily sign up for those programs and generate your unique tracking link. 

Whenever you write about their product or service, you can simply use this unique affiliate tracking link to promote the company website. If your readers / traffics buy something by clicking on your affiliate link, you will receive a commission.

Fortunately, it is also very easy to become an affiliate of famous brands.

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How to start affiliate marketing? There are various methods.

The following  are some of the best ways you can choose from:

  • Build a blog and utilize it to promote a product.
  • Buy traffic from Facebook and drive it to land pages.
  • Create a YouTube channel and promote products.
How to start affiliate marketing

How to start affiliate marketing? The following are the steps to get started via your blog:

  1. Choose a profitable industry, then select a niche for your blog.
  2. Decide what affiliate products you can promote.
  3. Produce content about these products.
  4. Generate traffic to your affiliate site/post.
  5. Utilize email marketing services to capture visitors’ emails.
  6. Create an email sequence to automate the funnel.
  7. Concentrate on growing traffic and duplicating the process.

The reason blogging is one of the most effective ways to get started with affiliate marketing is because it requires minimum investment and you can learn all around it in no time. From now on, what really matters is the dedication, time, and smart work that you put into growing your affiliate business.

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How to start affiliate marketing? -Understanding Some Affiliate Marketing Terminologies:

The following are some of the basic terms associated with affiliate marketing:


Publishers who apply affiliate program links to promote and make purchases.

Affiliate Market

There are countless markets like Shareasale, CJ, and Clickbank. These function as fundamental databases for affiliate programs in various niches.

Affiliate Software

Software used by companies to build an affiliate program for their product.

Affiliate Link

Unique tracking link offered by your affiliate program to track the process of your affiliate promotion.

Affiliate ID

Alike to Affiliate Link, but various affiliate programs provide a unique ID that you can attach to any page on the product website.

Payment Method:

Different affiliate programs allow various payment methods. Example: Check, wire transfer, PayPal, and others.

Affiliate Manager/OPM:

A lot of companies have Affiliate Managers to support affiliates to earn more by providing them optimization information.

Percentage / Commission Amount

The amount or percentage you will receive in affiliate income from each sale.

2 Tier Affiliate Marketing:

This is an excellent method to make money from an affiliate program. By this method, you recommend others to participate in affiliate programs, and you earn a commission when a sub-affiliate makes a sale (similar to MLM or multi-level-marketing). This income is also known as the sub-affiliate commission.

Landing Pages:

A single product or demo sales page used for the purpose of increasing sales. Most of the programs you are going to promote have lots of landing pages, and you can run A / B tests to see which pages convert the best for you.

Personalized Affiliate Income / Account

Unlike a universal affiliate account, many businesses offer personalized affiliate income to the affiliates who earn the most affiliate sales for them.

Link Clock

Most affiliate tracking links are messy. Utilizing a link clock technique like URL shorteners, you can redirect messy links into links that can be read and understood by your readers.

Personalized Coupons

Many programs allow affiliates to create personalized coupons that are also used to track sales. Personalized discount coupons also help you increase your affiliate sales.

For businesses offering an affiliate program, this is one of the best ways to receive free promotion, which saves you a lot of advertising.

For instance, each time you notice coupons or discount links most of the time they are affiliate links, and when you make a buying webmasters are making money. Each affiliate program has a defined TDS.

For example, the payment term, the cookie policy, etc. Let me explain the cookie policy as it is a middle-level topic, but will give you an idea about the possibilities of affiliate marketing. 

Various affiliate products enable a 30-150 day cookie period, which indicates that if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link to land on an affiliate product, now even if they don’t purchase anything instantly, but re-visit the website in 30-150 days, you will make an affiliate commission.

How to start affiliate marketing

How to start affiliate marketing? – Become an Affiliate

Sell ​​what you know.

To get started, just sell products or services that are familiar to you. Internet marketers describe this as choosing a niche. 

Pick a niche that draws your interests or occupations.

For instance, if you have become a specialist in interior design, it will make more sense to promote armchair sets than car parts. You will do a much better job of marketing efforts if you sell a product that you are familiar with.

Launch a site related to your niche.

Before becoming an affiliate, many businesses will want to know the address of the site where you want to sell their products. They want to ensure that the content of your site will not be damaging to their reputation.

It is pretty simple to create your own website, thanks to WordPress for example.

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Add content that isn’t too commercial. Your site should gradually become authoritative in your niche.

Look for affiliate programs.

Get an affiliate program that provides products and services in your niche.

Amazon sells everything, so there’s a good chance that products in your niche are on this site. 

It is a great starting point for those who would like to get started in affiliate marketing.

Commission Junction is another good option, as this site allows you to become an affiliate of many companies that you already know.

Clickbank is another very popular option among marketers. 

The commissions offered on this website are certainly very fruitful.

Join an affiliate program. You can almost always do this for free.

Indeed, avoid sites that will ask you for your card number, because it is most likely a scam. The more reputable companies offering affiliate programs will allow you to participate at no cost.

However, you will be asked for your account number or PayPal credentials. Remember that this will not allow them to take money from you, but on the contrary to pay you the commissions of your sales.

You will also be asked for your site address. Enter the URL of your site latter.

How to start affiliate marketing? – Sell ​​products on your site

Add affiliate links to your content.

A great way to earn commissions without appearing to sell a product is to add affiliate links to your content. This way, if a user clicks on the link, they will be redirected to the company’s site and if they make a purchase, you will receive a commission.

If you talk about purple seats on your site, add a link to the Amazon site where your users will find seats of that color. They will then be able to view the items on offer and purchase those of their choice.

Good news: a lot of companies make it easy to add links to their site. How you get them will depend on the company, but the process is usually very straightforward and you will easily find the link for the product or service you want.

Add visual ads to your sidebar.

Your website, similar to most websites, usually has a bar on the side. It’s the perfect place to add visual ads for products related to your niche.

Again, some companies will make it very easy for you to find images and links for your visitors to be redirected to their site. You will usually just have to copy and paste a code into your sidebar.

Continue to produce content related to your niche.

Your users should come back to your site regularly. For that, you must continue to produce original and interesting content. This is called content marketing.

Quality content builds loyalty among your readers. The more they view your site, the greater the chance that they will click on an affiliate link and purchase an item or service.

You can further utilize your content to add affiliate links, as we described above. The more content you create, the more links you can add. The chances that your users will buy from the site of companies of which you are an affiliate will increase accordingly.

Use analytical data to measure your success.

You can think of them as information about what you sell, how you do it, and who your customers are. Lucky for you, there are plenty of affiliate marketing sites that give you access to very useful analytical data so you can define what works for you.

If you realize that you are particularly selling one type of product on your site, produce content that allows you to showcase it even more.

Use Google Analytics to better understand the demographics of your visitors. Target your content marketing efforts to these people.

Pay particular attention to articles with the most visitors. Some will be read a lot more than others and you can then add more affiliate links to them.

Focus on what works and eliminate what doesn’t.

The analytical data provided by your business will allow you to determine which ads are working and which are not. Use the ones that are most effective and eliminate the rest.

How to start affiliate marketing

How to start affiliate marketing? – Manage your business

Prepare to pay taxes.

If you make any money from affiliate marketing, you will have to pay taxes on that income. At the start of each year, partner companies should send you a form. Otherwise, you will always be required to declare this money to URSSAF.

If you are a self-employed person, you will have to declare your income in the dedicated form during your annual tax return.

If you have incorporated a company for your affiliation activity, the declaration will be made on another forum.

Grow your business.

Your activity can only follow two paths: to develop or to regress. That is why you should always strive to grow, in which case your business may decline, as will your income.

Look for new products to sell online.

Check out the different affiliate sites. Seek out new businesses looking for affiliates and if they have a product or service that you think you can sell, suggest a partnership.

Promote your business online.

Use social networks, emails, and other promotional channels to make yourself known, and that a growing number of Internet users are turning to you to discover the products and services that you promote.

Delegate routine tasks.

Once your business has taken off and you need to focus on growing, you will be forced to delegate routine tasks to other people. It will cost you a bit of money in wages, but it’s worth the investment if it allows you to find new ways to promote and grow your business.

Automate what can be.

There are many digital marketing tools. Some will be an investment, but if they save you time to consolidate your business, then the return on investment will be positive.

Create a long-term strategy for your business while your people and tools take care of day-to-day tasks. This way, you will be able to have an overview allowing you to grow your business.

How to start affiliate marketing? – Questions And Answers

At this time, you should have a fundamental understanding of what affiliate marketing is and how it works. 

Now please allow me to answer some of the regularly asked questions from bloggers and affiliate marketers:

How much can you make through affiliate marketing?

There are affiliate marketers who are making millions of dollars per month through affiliate marketing. I earn over $3,000,0/month from affiliate marketing.

The core here is how you address the entire process. Do you blog or do you use PPC to market affiliate products? The one I have been using for 10 years is blogging, which is the most efficient method so far.

Is it necessary to own a blog for affiliate promotion?

Not necessarily, but a blog is the best promotional tool. Having said that, you can still use methods like PPC or advertising to promote a product. This is a different recommended way to grow in affiliate marketing. For me, the most reliable method to make the most of affiliate marketing opportunities is to have a blog. 

How much money does it require to apply for an affiliate program?

There is no cost to join an affiliate program, however, your total cost depends on the promotion technique you use. For example, a blog post doesn’t cost a dime, but PPC marketing, email marketing, and advertising come with varying prices.

What requirements do I need to be an affiliate marketer?

There are no qualifications required to become an Affiliate Marketer, but having good writing and marketing skills will be an added advantage.

Is affiliate marketing harmful or illegal?

No, as you will use the affiliate link instead of a direct link to a website, so it is neither harmful nor illegal.

How can I find an affiliate link for any product?

Not all companies offer an affiliate program, of course, but for those who offer affiliate programs, you can check their website for related information. When searching, be sure to check out the company’s FAQ page if they have one.

Another method to get this information is to do a simple Google search. For example, we could place the following sentence in Google Search: “(product name) + affiliate program”. (Renew “product name” with the name of the product or service you are promoting.) 

There is a chrome addon called Affilitizer that makes this process easy. It will lead you to a landing page. Many businesses employ an affiliate marketplace like Clickbank, ShareASale, CJ.

How can I find new products to promote?

Affiliate markets such as the ones discussed above are the best sites to start your affiliate marketing research. You can scan your niche and view the top-performing affiliate programs. 

Alternatively, you can keep an eye on the blogs in your niche market and find out what products they are promoting and what techniques they are using.

Affiliate marketing and AdSense: Can we use both?

Yes, you can use both because affiliate marketing does not violate any AdSense T & Cs. In fact, for me, affiliate marketing works better than Adsense, and that’s one of the reasons you see fewer AdSense ads here at Smart Passive Income Streams.

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