How to get backlinks to your site? The beginner's guide

How to get backlinks to your site? The beginner’s guide

How to get backlinks to increases your domain’s authority, in other words, your website’s reputation and credibility in the eyes of Google.

If you’ve already done some research on SEO strategies, there’s no doubt that the term “backlink” is quite familiar to you.

But do you know what these backlinks are and what are their roles?

Does your website have a good reputation with Google?

If we ask you this question, it is because the reputation of your website is a major SEO criterion for search engines. This reputation, which is also called authority,  is influenced by one factor: the external links that point to your website (backlinks). Why?

For Google, if your website is mentioned and receives links elsewhere on the web, it means that it has a “good reputation” and is therefore trustworthy. The more Google will trust your site and its content, the more it will promote it.

But how do you get quality backlinks?

In this article, we will cover the following questions:

  • What is a good backlink?
  • What strategies work best?
  • How to put them in place?

Before we go any further, let’s quickly get back to the basics. In this presentation shot in 2018, Alexandre explained the principle of backlinks to us:

What is a backlink, or inbound link?

In web marketing, a backlink is a link that points to your website from an external website. Example of a backlink: a directory that quotes your business and offers a link to your home page.

And if so, do you know the tips that will allow you to acquire them to improve the reputation of your site and thus your SEO?

We help you to see more clearly about backlinks, their usefulness, and the ways to get qualified backlinks to your site.

What is a quality backlink for Google?

The quality of your inbound links depends on several criteria. Quickly, quality backlinks are backlinks:

  • relevant: they come from content logically linked with that of your website
  • with good domain authority: they come from sites that are well regarded and referenced by Google
  • diversified: they come from different sources (blogs, directories, press) 
  • with a good semantic anchor: the text used to point to your site is consistent and varied
  • Backlink, domain authority, quality: the basics are clear. Now on to the topic of this article: How to Get Quality Backlinks!

Why is getting backlinks so important?

Each backlink received when of good quality, increases what is called the domain authority of your website, in other words, your website’s reputation and credibility in the eyes of Google. Domain authority is one of the most important things search engines take into account when determining the ranking of websites in search results.

The backlinks, therefore, play a major and direct role in the positioning of your website on Google.

But for these backlinks to influence your SEO positively, they must be of high quality.

Focus on the backlink and its importance in your SEO strategy

The backlink, which we can translate as “backlink”, is more often called an external link or inbound link.

It is simply a link from another website or social networks, which points to a page on your website.

The definition allows you to quickly understand the interest of having this type of inbound links: if other sites link to yours, the number of visitors should increase.

But the power of the external link lies rather in the importance that Google gives it.

Indeed, when the robots perform their crawl, the more links they will find pointing to a particular page, the more they will consider that it is interesting and that it, therefore, deserves a good positioning in the search results.

However, just the amount of external links is not enough to guarantee better SEO.

Rather, it is the quality of inbound links that will play a role, and it is determined by several criteria:

  • the reputation of the site that created the link to your page,
  • link anchor,
  • the positioning of the link on the page,
  • the consistency of theme between the page where the link is located,
  • the landing page, etc.

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what are backlinks - How to get backlinks to your site? The beginner's guide

Inventory of backlinks to your site and those of the competition

It is therefore very clear that we cannot do without a strategy of getting backlinks when we review our SEO.

But before starting any research and link optimization process, you have to take stock of the existing links.

The main SEO tools, such as Semrush and Majestic SEO, allow you to learn more about its backlinks:

  • which sites they come from,
  • what are their confidence indices,
  • the main theme they address,
  • the anchor links and much other useful information.

This can give you a first idea of ​​the problems that prevent your site from rising in search results.

Do not neglect the analysis of the backlinks of your competitors!

They can be a good source of inspiration for your future net linking strategy.

This will especially help you determine which high-popularity sites could link to your page or what type of content gets the most external links.

Some ways to increase the number of (good) backlinks

Play your network

If your site is brand new or if it is struggling to find a place for itself after several months online, the first thing to do is to make it known to those around you!

Some content may, for example, be of interest to suppliers, customers, or former colleagues, whom you will have the opportunity to encourage by creating links.

Besides, do not hesitate to share links to your site from social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Most of them will be “Do Follow”, but this can bring qualified traffic to your site, and therefore possibly future backlinks.

For a give-and-take strategy, also think about exchanging links, with a site that inspires confidence in Google, and therefore the theme is close to yours.

Be careful with the location of the link that we will offer you, as well as the anchor and the use of Do Follow.

Get talked about on trusted and popular sites

You can go beyond a simple link inserted in a page of another website, thanks to articles published on your company, your field of intervention, management techniques, your values, etc.

The writing articles guest is an interesting way to go to drain the quality backlink.

Also think about articles published in the online press, if possible with bloggers, journalists, or experts with a good level of popularity.

You may need to be patient to land an interview, but the rewards are often worth the effort!

Take care of the content of your pages

One of the most effective strategies to get people talking about you is also to offer useful, interesting, well-written, and pleasantly presented content.

It is therefore wise to research “trending” topics and keywords with high potential, to write your pages.

Also, don’t hesitate to rewrite existing articles that have gotten quality backlinks.

Improve the editorial style, provide more precise information and use a more attractive visual, and then offer sites that have linked to the original article to redirect their links to your page!

These few tips should help you see more clearly to heal your net linking strategy, but many other techniques can be fruitful.

Remember, above all, that the quality of a return link takes precedence over quantity, and that it is preferable to opt for the diversity of anchors, links, and partner sites, rather than for a stuffing of identical content.

get-quality-backlinks How to get backlinks to your site? The beginner's guide

How to get backlinks?

There are many ways to get backlinks, like:

  • The guest posting
  • Registration is online directories (business registrars, etc.)
  • The exchange of inbound links
  • The transformation of unrelated mentions into backlinks
  • Interviews and testimonials
  • Discussion forums
  • Press releases
  • Online contests
  • Social networks

Here are five of the most effective techniques:

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the ways most used to generate backlinks.

The concept is this: you create quality content for a third party blog and include a link to your website in it.

Your link can be inserted naturally in the text, in your guest signature, or even in the introduction.

If you are using SEMRush, you can use the Link Building Tool to identify opportunities to create Guest Posts  on sites and blogs associated with your industry and your keywords.

You can then rank the different opportunities according to their quality. The more valuable a link is, the easier it is to acquire, and the higher it will be ranked.

Professional directories and local citations

Business directories and local citations allow businesses in the same market or geographic area to add contact information, including a link to their website. Even if these links are not always in do-follow, (do-follow means that the Google Bots “follow” the content and that the domain authority is transmitted well), they participate positively in your local SEO by sending quality local signals to Google.

The SEMRush Listing management tool allows you to list the different directories and local citation platforms in your region in just a few clicks.

Recovering obsolete or broken backlinks

Patience, work, but not only: Obtaining quality backlinks also requires flair and vigilance.

On the web, every minute, new websites are born and others disappear. And it’s happening in your industry more frequently than you might think. It happens that some companies close or change their name. Result? All backlinks that pointed to their old website now point to non-existent URLs or 404 pages. A real opportunity to get backlinks! In English-speaking SEO, this method is called the “Moving Man Method”.

Here’s how to increase the number of backlinks to your website with the “Moving Man Method”:

1. Identify companies whose website has recently changed or disappeared

In this preliminary step, focus on companies that have recently:

  • closed
  • changed name
  • migrated to a new URL
  • stopped offering a service/product

2. Find websites still pointing to outdated URLs

You have identified a company in your industry that has been affected by one of the changes in point 1. Now it’s time to find websites whose external links still point to URLs that have become inaccessible (broken links).

To do this, take the old URL in question, and use a backlink checker mentioned above such as Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, or MajesticSEO. You will also find many free tools on Google.

3. Identify broken links consistent with your content

In this step, if you have a choice, focus on websites with good domain authority.

Also, be sure to only remember URLs of pages that deal with a topic related to the page you want to get backlinks for. Also, check that these old URLs are from reliable websites that Google does not penalize for bad SEO practices.

4. Finally, contact websites that still have broken links

The last step in this method of getting backlinks is to contact the websites generating the backlink you want to replace. Remember that you are also doing your interlocutor a favor: you will allow them to replace a “dead” link with an updated link pointing to relevant content. A plus for its natural referencing.

outreach - How to get backlinks to your site? The beginner's guide -

Offscreen networking

As we know, guest-blogging is one of the most effective techniques for obtaining quality backlinks relatively quickly. This practice involves interacting with authors and bloggers to form a network of interested parties who encourage the creation and exchange of inbound links.

These backlinks strengthen your reputation on the internet and your visibility on Google, either. But can you do even better? Yes.

If you want to strengthen the credibility of your business in the eyes of as many people as possible, you can also opt for a strategy that is not limited to the web. Position yourself as an expert in your industry, meet your customers, and interact with all the important players in your industry. Mentions and backlinks will soon drop.

Here are the actions you can take:

  • Host an event related to your industry
  • Participate in networking meetings
  • Give a talk on a popular topic in your industry
  • Organize an interview with experts in your industry
  • participate in business forums in your industry
  • Write event reports mentioning the different actors

The skyscraper”

This technique comes directly from Backlinko (Skyscraper technique). Although very time- consuming, it alone encompasses several essential aspects of a good backlink strategy.

Here’s how to get backlinks with the skyscraper technique:

1. Identify the most popular content in your industry

The first step in the skyscraper technique is to identify what type of content from your competitors is the most read and shared in your industry. For this, you can use tools like Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, or Majestic SEO. Alternatively, you can simply do Google searches and find out which content ranks best for each search term.

The free version of BuzzSumo already tells you the number of shares on social media.

With the paid version, you will be able to see how many backlinks each article receives, as well as where they are from.

2. Produce even better content

Want to get closer to the top Google position on your keyword? For this, it will be necessary to do better than the content that you have identified. That is to say longer, more detailed, more complete, more colorful, with more external sources.

For example, if you have identified that the two most shared articles on the topic you are targeting are ” The 15 Best Tools to Increase … ” and ” The 20 New Tools to Improve … “, you have no more only to produce ” The complete list of 50 tools for … “

3. Promote your new content to the right people

Once you’ve produced the best piece of content in your industry on the topic you’ve selected, you’ll need to promote it to the right people – that is, to people who are likely to backlink to your content.

Do you remember the items you identified in point 1? These articles have generated backlinks. The last step in the skyscraper technique is to go grab those quality backlinks from your competition. How? ‘Or’ What? One word: “outreach”.

With the tools mentioned above (Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, BuzzSumo), get the list of websites that have created backlinks to your competitors’ articles, and simply inform them that you have produced content on the same subject, more complete and therefore likely to provide better information to their readers. For this, you will need the paid version of one of the tools mentioned.

Following this article, learn how to effectively set up and deploy your backlinks strategy internally and in a sustainable manner.

The right tools and the right content

These techniques for getting backlinks are as effective for the visibility of your business as they require effort. Although they bring proven results, implementing these strategies requires an investment of time and good tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush.

Then, remember that the effectiveness of these techniques also depends on the quality and relevance of your content.

Before you spend hours researching how to get backlinks for your website, make sure you can offer and produce high-value content for your prospect.

And you, what are your favorite strategies for getting quality backlinks? Please tell me your experience below and share this article to social media.

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