How to Come Up With Niche Site Ideas?

In this article, I will show newbies to Internet marketing how to come up with niche site ideas that they can start their online business in and then how to find out if the niche idea they then come up with is one that is likely to make them money.

You wouldn’t want to waste time, effort and money only to find that there isn’t a lot of money to be made in that niche market because not many people are buying anything.

This is one of the main hurdles that new Internet marketers face when beginning a business, what niche market to go into. I want to show you how this shouldn’t be an issue, how there are so many options out there for you that you can decide on a niche market and get on with starting a business within that niche.

There are many niche site ideas out there and lots of ways to find a niche market to go into and, in this post, I will go into them, to help you find a niche market that you’d like to start a business in.

I use the techniques in this guide whenever I want to look for a new niche market to go into.

What is a niche market?

Before getting into ways to find niche site ideas markets, I want to briefly go over what a niche market actually is.

When looking to start an online information marketing business, you need to decide on what you want to sell information about. You need to decide on what niche market you want to go after.

There are general markets but you need to drill down into smaller markets to build your niche site ideas. The (very elaborate and pretty!) diagram below shows what I mean:

In this example, you’ve got the enormous market of health and fitness, this is one of the broad niche site ideas. But then, within that, you have people who want to lose weight. But then you can drill down further into the dieting side of losing weight. You can then build your business around helping people find the right diet for them.

Drilling down like this helps to find people with specific problems that are looking for the solutions that you can potentially provide.

There are 3 big niche site ideas online that the vast majority of the money is made in and those are: Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

Any of the niche site ideas that you’ll find out about online will most likely fall into one of those 3 bigger markets.

Don’t Worry about the competition. I, personally, would be concerned about going into a niche that doesn’t have competition because, if there’s competition there, you know people are already selling stuff to that market and you can too. Also, competition can become business partners for future projects.

Ways to Get Niche Site Ideas

So here are some ways that you can get for what niche site ideas you want:

You Can Find Niche Site Ideas Through Your Own Hobbies/Interests

Have you any hobbies or interests that you have more than a beginner’s knowledge in that you can teach people things that are slightly behind you in the learning curve?

For example, I like to go to the gym regularly and I like to research and experiment with muscle building techniques in the gym.

I could create a product showing people what I’m doing to build muscle to show them where to start, if they also want to get fit and build muscle. I could be my own case study, record my weight and take photos of myself before I start my muscle building program and then record my progress and what I’m doing and then sell that to people who want to learn to do the same thing, once I have achieved what I set out to achieve.

Maybe you also go to the gym, maybe you like cycling and go often. Maybe you’re a car enthusiast who could show people how to do specific things within mechanics.

Are there any hobbies or interests that you have that you could create or sell information in how to do a specific thing that other people would find helpful?

This also helps if you are going to create your own product, if it is something that you are passionate about, you can create the content without getting fed up of what you are doing (as easily!), because you’re interested in it in the first place and you want to share your passion for the topic and help others who want to use your experience as guidance.

Finding Niche Site Ideas From Friends’ or Family’s Hobbies/Interests

As above, but for people you know, friends or family.

This could even help overcome the product creation barrier, if you think that you wouldn’t be able to create your own product. You could get them to show people how to do something and then use the content to in your online marketing business.

You could also use this as way to get round credibility, if you’re not sure that people would listen to what you have to say. For example, I have a friend who has a degree in languages and has spent some time living in Barcelona and giving Spanish students extra English tuition. I could leverage that and film him teaching me the basics of Spanish, so that people can follow along, and make and sell that as a product.

Check out Magazines in Shops For Niche Site Ideas

You can find out about niche site ideas that you may not have even thought of by looking in shops that sell magazines, at the different publications that they have. 

This way you’ll also know that the niche is profitable, because you are looking at publications about it that are already produced on a mass scale and are selling.

You’d be surprised at the amount of broken down niche market magazines you can find in shops, that you either wouldn’t have considered before or would have just brushed off, assuming it wouldn’t sell.

There is a popular shop in the UK called WHSmiths, which sells magazines, here is a screenshot of the categories of magazines that they have:

WHSmiths for niche site ideas.

I’m just going to click on one at random and see if I can narrow down a niche market that I could potentially go into:

Narrow down niche site ideas.

So here we have some craft related magazines that are selling on WHSmith’s website. Sewing and card making are 2 of the potential niche markets that you could go into. You could start a business showing people how to make their own greetings cards.

Amazon Book Categories For Niche Site Ideas

Similar to seeing what magazines there are out there, you can look at the book categories that books are selling in on Amazon. And that goes for Kindle as well as physical books.

Simply go to the search box at the top of Amazon, select “Books” from the categories on the left, leave the search box blank and click “Go”.

Amazon Book Categories For Niche Site Ideas.

Then, on the left hand side, there’ll be all the categories of books that Amazon sells.

Here are just some of the categories, but you’ll want to look for the non fictional ones that you can show people how to do things in:

Categories for niche site ideas.

You can now get niche site ideas by seeing what there are books about in these categories. 

Let’s have a look at health, fitness and dieting:

Several niche site ideas in one category.

And already we can see several niche site ideas in one category: paleo dieting, weight loss for Mothers, gluten free diets, diseases and ailments.

So, by browsing around Amazon’s book and Kindle categories, you can find many different niche site ideas that you can potentially go into.

You Can Find Niche Site Ideas From Celebrities

This may seem an odd way to find a niche site idea, but if you’re reading the newspaper or listening to the radio and you hear that a particular celebrity has become engaged or got married or is expecting a child, you could find out about niche markets that they are experts in.

For example, I won’t name names, but there was a famous UK chef that was in the papers recently and this could make you think of what sort of cooking that that chief might specialize in and you could use that as a niche site idea. 

This one, and I actually own the cookbook, has a book of recipes that are developed to be cooked quickly, if you don’t have a lot of spare time. So cooking for people who are busy might be a niche site idea you could start a business in online.

Now this is a little hidden gem that I came across a couple of years or so ago and I actually forgot what it was called, only that it was a number. 

However, after a little bit of research, I managed to find the website, for niche site ideas.

This is a GOLDMINE! 

43 Things is a goal setting community, set up as a word cloud, with bigger words being things that are popular that people want to do. So you can browse through and see what things people want to do, that you could build an online business around.

Some examples I’m picking out from this:

  • How to make computer programs,
  • How to run a mile every day,
  • How to reinvent yourself,
  • How to remove hair,
  • How to get back to healthy eating habits,
  • How to start fishing.

There are many more, as you can see, hopefully you get the idea!

Google “Bucketlist”

Type “bucketlist” into Google and you can get ideas for what other people are doing with their lives, or want to do with their lives, that are niche markets that you could get into.

Type “bucketlist” into Google for niche site ideas.

Here are the websites relating to what people have on their bucket lists.

And, by clicking on the first one, you can get some niche site ideas that people want to do things in that you can sell to them:

Obviously there are things that you couldn’t create a product on, like drinking vodka in Russia, but you could get ideas from that, like teaching people to speak Russian!

There are more on the right hand side as well, like getting engaged. The market for things regarding getting married and weddings is huge! You’ve got speeches; you’ve got how to look good for the wedding, planning the wedding, to name a few.

For Dummies

Website "For Dummies" to find niche  site ideas.

Here is a website with a myriad of “how to” type books and manuals. This is also a great example of how you don’t have to be an expert to create a product on a certain topic. 

You can merely report what an expert has to say, that’s what the For Dummies books do.

I clicked on the Food and Drink category and found the following:

Smoothies, down the bottom right of the screenshot, you could create a product about different smoothie recipes and how to make them, different smoothies for different needs like weight loss or energy.

PLR Websites To Find Niche Site Ideas

In case you don’t know what PLR is, it’s where you can buy the rights to a product and then sell it as your own.

There are variations on what rights you get from the original owner of the PLR, like permission to edit the document, whether you can sell it or give it away, among other things.

There are websites online that sell lots of PLR products and you can browse the categories that they have PLR in and get niche site ideas to enter.

One PLR website what I know of:

PLR website for niche site ideas.

On the right hand side of The PLR Store, you can see a list of the categories of eBooks and articles that they are selling.

To pick out some that you could start a business on, you have:

Clickbank Categories For Niche Site Ideas

Clickbank is a market for affiliate products. You can get commission when somebody buys products through your affiliate link. Finding different products that people have already created in niche, can give you a niche site idea that you can go into for yourself:

The above is a screenshot of the Clickbank home page. When you click on “Marketplace” at the top right menu, you go through to the following page:

Clickbank Categories For Niche Site Ideas

Now, on the left, the red boxes expand into other niche site ideas when you click on them. 

Also, the banner above those red boxes, Tinnitus Remedy, is an idea for a niche market already!

Click on one of those and you can see the products that people have on the Clickbank marketplace, to further drill down into the niche site ideas.

Clickbank marketplace, to further drill down into the niche site ideas.

Diabetic recipes and ways to decorate cakes are a couple of niche markets that can be seen in the above screenshot.

JV Zoo Categories For Niche Site Ideas

Similar to Clickbank, JV Zoo is another website that you can go to that you can find affiliate products to promote:

Click on “Marketplace” at the top and you can see all the markets that are on JV Zoo:

JV Zoo Categories For Niche Site Ideas.

Now click on any of the markets and you can see what products are being sold in that niche market:

Here we can see that there are people out there that are looking for ways to save money on their education, educational tools for children to help their learning and how to control debts.

Facebook Pages To Find Niche Site Ideas

Looking for Facebook pages that are promoting products in different niche markets can give you niche site ideas that you can choose.

For example, type “dieting” into the search bar in Facebook and click “See More Results” at the bottom of the drop down menu:

Facebook Pages To Find Niche Site Ideas.

You can search for pages and groups that are based around dieting, to get niche site ideas, in this case, the pages option brings up Paleo Dieting again:

Google Niche Site Ideas

This may seem quite vague at first, but you can use Google to find niche site ideas you didn’t know could be turned into markets for information products.

By searching for “how to get *” or “ways to get *”, you can get Google to suggest things for you:

Google Niche Site Ideas.

Just from there you can see that there are websites about how to get rid of gas and bloating, be productive (get sh** done!) and ways to get your coffee fix.

Other things that you can type in could be:

  • “how to lose *”,
  • “how to become *”,
  • “how to reduce *”,
  • “how to get rid of *”,
  • “how to stop *”,

you get the idea!

There are also Google suggestions that can give you niche site ideas. For example, you could type in “how to lose weight” and see what is suggests to search for:

There are a LOT of possibilities for this. 

And it also helps that Google is suggesting those things based on what people are actually searching for, which also would suggest that there is a sufficient amount of people searching for that kind of thing.

Now that you have some ways to find a niche site idea to begin your business in, whether it be actually creating products (don’t let this scare you!) or selling someone else’s product or service for a commission, let’s look at how you can find out how you can see if a niche is profitable, whether people are making money from it already.

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