Email marketing tips for beginners

Email Marketing Tips For Beginners

These email marketing tips for beginners has a significant influence on the success of your online marketing campaign. Email marketing is using email to promote your brand and increase sales while strengthening relationships with potential customers.

Email marketing is the system of using email in marketing communications. It includes every email sent to a possible client. To be more precise, it covers:

  • Sending direct promotional emails to attempt and obtain new customers or convince existing clients to buy again.
  • Sending emails intended to encourage customer loyalty and improve customer relationships.
  • Placing your marketing information or ads in emails sent by various people.

It is slightly similar to sending emails, a newsletter, or e-zine or putting ads in a magazine or journal.

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Why do we use email marketing? – Email marketing tips for beginners

What is such an advantage that it has to contribute?

Let us begin with the answers to these topics.

Email marketing is so powerful because of the following traits:

  • Sending email is much more affordable than most other forms of marketing. Email lets you present your message to the people (unlike a website, where the people need to come to your message).
  • Email marketing has been proven quite successful for those who do it correctly.

Advantages of email marketing mentioned below:

  • Email marketing allows targeting.
  • It is data-driven.
  • Email marketing drives direct sales.
  • It allows you to build relationships, loyalty, and trust with your customers.
  • Email marketing helps sales within other channels.
  • It is a relatively cheap marketing tool.
  • Email marketing increases your sales conversion.
  •  It produces repeat sales.
  •  With email marketing, you can up-sell and cross-sell products and services.
  •  It’s much more convenient to receive feedback from your buyers.
  •  Email marketing can also benefit to make offline sales.

Present email marketing services and solutions offer database integration, segmentation, and several other methods and techniques for increasing the targeting of outgoing messages.

Qualified email marketing is based on the concept of permission.

Always have several things in mind while opting for email marketing – Email marketing tips for beginners

  • Make sure your emails match your brand image, through your content, tone, imagery, language, and colors.
  • Your email campaign may further be a chance to maintain and enhance your connections with your clients.
  •  Your content should be valuable.

Email marketing provides your brand with an edge in a target market. Daily, weekly, or even monthly emails will keep your brand in your target clients’ memories.

As more and more people start to use email, email marketing will grow to a standard in the marketing business.

If you operate a traditional offline business you can utilize email marketing to bring foot traffic into your door.

Discovering a different marketing method that gets close to all the benefits that email marketing offers are almost impossible.

What is an Autoresponder?

You are ready to learn something about autoresponders if you have tried to keep up with answering so many emails from your customers.

The bad news is that people expect immediate responses to their email inquiries.

Unless you can work continuously for 24 hours a day or hire enough people to continually monitor incoming emails (which will eat up your revenue), you have a problem.

The good news is an autoresponder is a cheap or free method of instantly replying to emails.

What these tools do is automatically reply to incoming emails as quickly as they are received.

Emails are vital to your business for various reasons. Most importantly, these hidden email voices provide you their feedback about your website for free.

But, if you use all your working times answering these emails, how are you supposed to manage your business?

The solution is quite simple, that is using an autoresponder. An autoresponder lets you reply to your incoming emails automatically without taking you so much as having to click on your mouse.

Why you need an autoresponder? – Email marketing tips for beginners

There are various good reasons why you need an autoresponder besides only answering your email.

For instance, when you want to send information about your services or products, like price lists, or if there are repeated questions asked across large numbers of emails. Autoresponders are very useful.

Perhaps you want to give your website visitors a special bonus of some kind, like advice or relevant articles. You can handle all of this with an autoresponder.

Besides, you can advertise your business, you can build solid relationships with your clients by using autoresponders as well.

Autoresponder tools vary from software that works with your email program to a specialized script that works on your web hosting provider’s server.

This kind of script may use a web page form or work with your email account. It is programmed to send out a standardized message to a script or email address whenever an email is received.

Some autoresponders can do more than only send out standardized messages. They can send out an unlimited amount of follow-up messages and you can send them at a predetermined interval of time.

For instance, you can set your autoresponder to send out a new message each day for as long a period as you want.

Many companies offer autoresponders free of charge. Your website hosting provider usually offers an autoresponder as a free service.

And many companies specialize in offering such service for a small cost, or free of charge, asking you to attach an advertisement for their company to your emails.

Attach a signature – Email marketing tips for beginners

You can attach a signature to personalize your autoresponder messages. 

Signatures are much like business cards in this case. You can add your name, company, your phone numbers and addresses, and a short message.

You’d better attach a signature to every email sent out, which works as a repeated reminder of your business identity each time a client sees it.

When your product or service is needed, the more they look at your signature, the more likely your company will spring to mind.

Every employee of your company can use a standardized signature, or you can let every staff member create their signatures.

Of course, to create a personal signature, there are some rules and guidelines.

  • Keep the text length of your signature between 4 to 6 lines, without over 70 characters in a single line.
  • Make sure your text is complete, which means it’s not cut off.
  • Cover your name, your company name, your email address, fax number, and any other contact details in the content.
  • Always include a brief personal message about your business. It can be a subtle sell of your products or services and perhaps the reliability and longevity of your business.

Create free courses – Email marketing tips for beginners

Another specific use of autoresponders is to create free courses for your website visitors.

You must pick a niche in which you are an expert, and that precisely targets your potential audience.

Once you have thoughtfully chosen your niche, cut it into multiple different sub-niches. Then give your website visitor a free 10 to 15-day course, offing a different sub-topic every day.

The first message should always be a welcome letter to your website visitor and an explanation about what is to follow.e

Your explanation should be enticing, making the point across that you are giving free, quality knowledge that your target audience will obtain great value.

With every lesson, you should include the lesson number, the topic title, information about your business, and its products or services.

In the end, add a few blurbs about the following lesson to attract the subscriber to continue.

Make sure each topic is bound with vital and worthy information and leaves the visitor lusting to want more. Oppositely, you may fail them in the very beginning.

Of course, you need to prepare your course before you can offer it to your audience for free.

Once you have finished, and examined the material thoroughly, hiring a professional writer or an editor if needed, you must convey your text to your autoresponder.

Free autoresponders – Email marketing tips for beginners

There are numerous free autoresponders you can use, one of the best is called MailMunch. Or search in Google, you will discover a list of free autoresponder companies. Then sign-up for your chosen one.

Once you sign-up, you will get guidance as to how to set it up and transfer your text.

Choose your email address

Email is a great marketing tool, it is cheap and fast. To use it to advertise your business, you need to choose your email address carefully.

Your website should include various email addresses for different contact inquiries.

For instance, use [email protected] for information inquiries, or [email protected] for inquiries about sales.

It’s a great idea to set up one for the owner, like [email protected]

This shows your company in a personal, approachable light and ensures that straight contact is offered.

Autoresponder is a great marketing tool, enabling you to contact thousands of potential customers.

This is a priceless asset considering how many possible clients you usually have communication with before you earn an actual sale.

email marketing tips for beginners

Email marketing tips for beginners – Writing an email with a purpose.

How many times have you seen it? You open your email inbox only to see another long, apparently endless list of emails.

You carefully open some of them, giving them 10-20 seconds of a fast scan. Once something catches your attention, you read on.

If not, it’s just a quick click on the delete key and you pass on.

You are not alone if this is your pattern. This scenario is repeated by thousands, if not millions of internet users every day, which makes the job of online marketers even more difficult for knowing this pattern.

Our ability to develop and maintain any significant numbers in a downline is directly determined by our ability to maximize these valuable few seconds of reading time.

Have you got what it needs to write an email and get the responses flying in?

Most people send out emails almost every day. We do it all too often without carefully thinking about it. As a result, these emails are usually written and sent out less than perfect and fail to deliver the wanted results.

The goal of sending out bulk email is often intended to entice visitors to visit a website rather than make a sale, therefore it is essential to spend your time and set your aim precisely before writing the email.

The following are some tips to help you forward the way:

  • Keep your email message simple and brief.
  • Avoid writing long or technical words because some people may not understand them.
  • Do not write three words where one will suffice.
  • If the email is long and full of waffle boredom will set in and without a doubt, it is likely to be deleted before reaching the end of it.
  • The opening paragraph is vital.

If the readers do not click right away you have wasted your time sending it. It’s precise why even the best writers take time editing and rewriting their emails and articles.

Start with an eye-catching headline. It might be a question or statement. You must draw your readers’ attention right away.

Make sure to read your email message from your readers’ point of view, is it powerful enough or interesting to make you desire to keep on reading on and want the result?

Headlines catch prospects and drive your readers to the next line. There you start to develop their interest to guarantee they read the next sentence… and each subsequent one.

You might also find it is deserving of giving a gift or a monthly newsletter that would improve their business. There are loads of free e-books on the Internet that you can give away.

If your email intends to make a sale then offer a guarantee or a full refund. This should dismiss any concerns they may have.

A cheeky method to test out your email is to send it to some friends who are interested in business, attach a message at the end of it, and ask them to reply.

If you don’t get a reply, consider it as a sign that maybe your email was discarded before they made it to the inbox to get your message.

When this happens it is a better idea to rewrite your email and exclude any unneeded text before sending out to your email list.

The exact methods and techniques you use will differ depending on personal choices, product variations, market conditions, etc.

Nevertheless, the primary strategy is to make sure you give it some preparation before sending them out. You will be pleasantly amazed by the difference it creates.

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Email marketing tips for beginners – Subject Lines: What You Shouldn’t Do!

The biggest difficulty with email is persuading people to open the message!

Numerous people delete messages without ever opening them.

Then, how do you avoid ending up in the electric equivalent of File Thirteen?

The answer is: By adopting a better choice of wording in the subject line.

The subject line is the area that appears on your screen somewhere under the To field when you are composing a new message.

On the recipient’s screen, the subject line is one of the only fields that the recipient can view without opening the message.

Typically, the different fields are To, From, Date Received, and Date Sent.

The Gatekeeper:

The goal of the subject field is to enable the recipients to glance at what the message is regarding.

The subject line is essential. It’s arguably the most important field you compose in an email. Why?

Because the subject line serves as a gatekeeper, determining if the message is read by the recipient. It doesn’t matter how well you’ve written the message if that message is not opened and read.

The better job you do of composing a subject line, the better opportunity you have of getting your message opened. 

So, how do you write an amazing subject line? – Email marketing tips for beginners

Leaving It Blank

Leaving the subject line blank isn’t an advantage because numerous people won´t open messages if they don’t include a subject.

The recipient may not spend the time to open an email if he/she doesn’t know what it’s regarding.

Plus, the attack of wicked email viruses has caused people to be careful, as well they should be.

Several programs will present you with a warning box if you try to send an email without a subject line.

This rule in various email programs is to warn you that leaving your subject line blank is not a good idea.

Avoid Hi!

Including the word Hi or the word Greetings in the subject line shows the recipient nothing.

This lack of essence might be acceptable for email messages you’re sending to friends.

However, when you are corresponding with customers and colleagues, learn to include a proper subject line.

When typing your subject line, keep in mind what to avoid. Next, you’ll be on your way to sending emails that are opened and (expectedly!) read.

Email marketing tips for beginners – Eye Grabbing Subject Lines That Produce Outcomes

Your subject lines perform a critical role in any email campaign ads,     

whether you’re practicing autoresponders, ezine solo ads, safelists, or any opt-in list where email is associated.

Your subject line will create or crush your return on your investment so make sure you catch their attention first.

The following are 6 headlines that have worked for me in the past which I’m positive will work for you as well.

Technology will constantly evolve but people’s desire to succeed and curiosity will not.

1. Promote Your URL Here – It’s Free!

For whatever reasons, I’ve produced so much success utilizing this subject line when promoting free classified websites, safelists, and those viral ad boards.

2. Hi, My name is Robert!

This works simply because it increases recipients’ curiosity. I’m always curious about this subject line. Who’s this Robert anyway? I’ve had progress with this testing ezine solo ads.

3. I need your help, please?

There’s something regarding being a human, always desiring to help another human being, It’s difficult to explain, it just works.

4. Robert, I haven’t received your shipping address yet.

What! my shipping address? Why do you want my shipping address?

This special subject line truly aroused my curiosity. If you are sending postcards to your members or prospects, this will increase your sales particularly if you personalize it.

5. How my website got ranked #1 on Google, for free!

This subject line produced several sales from the EasyHits4U traffic exchange program when I was promoting an affiliate program about search engine e-book. Even made more sales with ezine solo ads utilizing the same subject line.

6. Robert, Please accept my sincerest apology.

When I view this subject line, my first feeling was, “who/why/what are you sorry about?…huh?”, which grasps my curiosity at once.

The sender was apologizing for not sending that email quickly which was about a new traffic exchange program. Good grief.

In conclusion, make your subject line so attractive that it’s virtually irresistible for your recipients not to open the email message.

If you can captivate your readers with compelling subject lines, you are near to making a sale.

Plus when people can know where that email message came from, that will benefit to make your email message open as well.

Talking email marketing tips for beginners.

Don’t use fake names, use your real name preferably.

Of course, I am not suggesting that you use one of these headlines if they are not true in connection to the content of the e-mail message.

If you rely on lying in email marketing, all you will do is tarnish your reputation and your reliability.

Email marketing tips for beginners – What Is So Excellent About An Email Follow Up?

If you are in business, any kind of business then it is essential for you to learn how to make the customers and clients satisfied.

The fundamental rule of doing this is to make them feel listened to and appreciated and the simplest way to do that is to use an email follow up each time you get a message from one of them.

This can be completed in several different ways, it does not matter which one you like as long as you do take one kind of email to follow up.

Now the most popular email follow-up is the autoresponder kind.

You will use a particular kind of software program with this kind of email follow up, one that will practice all of the hard work for you and wasted time out of having to send follow-ups.

Autoresponder software

With an autoresponder software, all you need to do is tell it what to say when someone sends you an email and it will make it to perfection every single time. This is the easiest and the fastest method to deal with email follow up.

There is just one disadvantage to an email follow-up sent with an autoresponder software and that is it is not at all personal.

The same message will be sent to every single recipient that sends you an email to your address.

That is the reason it is better to use certain kinds of email follow-ups only as a first option.

It will make the clients and customers know that you will get back to them in a specific amount of time and that you did receive their message in the first place. This is essential to people so make sure to do it correctly.

Later while you have the time you can email back to them with a more personalized follow-up.

This can be in reply to their issues or problems or it can just be another email follow-up making them know that you have not yet resolved the problem but you are working on it.

If you have any kind of timeframe you will need to put it in this email follow up to set the person’s mind at ease about what is going on.

There are all sorts of reasons for people to use an automated email follow up and not automated email follow-ups.

What you need to do is discover which sort of email follow up is most suitable and which ones are going to drive people madder at you!

Different businesses demand different sorts of responses so communicate to some of your peers in the company, what do they do and what works for them regarding email follow-up.

You should further ask them what has proven destructive, maybe that way you will avoid making the same mistakes as they made, that is always helpful!

The 3 Most Critical Things You Must Do to Keep Your Opt-in List

Possessing an opt-in list is not only for sending subscribers to your promotional newsletters or catalogs.

Your opt-in list should be utilized to develop a relationship with every person who joins your list, but you need to do your part to give respect to those who choose to subscribe.

Similarly, there are various things you need to think about to avoid some complications connected with email marketing.

While there are so many ways you can make people subscribe to your list, there are additionally some things you must do to avoid those same subscribers from wanting to be removed from your list.

On top of that, you furthermore need to avoid any obstacles with the law and/or your internet service provider or ISP (Internet Service Provider).

There are now quite a few laws and regulations in place that are designed to better protect the privacy of internet users from spam and unwanted emails.

The use of Email in business has become remarkably popular because of the inexpensive cost and numerous companies have grabbed the opportunity by flooding people’s email accounts with unwanted promotional mail.

However, with an opt-in list, you don’t have to worry about sending unwanted emails because people have chosen to subscribe to your list, they require to get the newsletters and promotional materials from your business.

They have agreed to be on the list by subscribing themselves – Email marketing tips for beginners

There are occasions when an email account has been given by someone other than the true owner so don’t forget to put an unsubscribe link in all emails you send to your opt-in list.

This will support to avoid any confusion and offer an accessible way for your subscribers to opt-out whenever they want.

You must maintain your list clean and manageable by using the various tools provided by either your software of choice or the email/autoresponder host you use for your opt-in list.

Don’t worry, the investment you put into your email marketing is well-deserving as you gain a much wider and far more targeted audience that will in turn improve your sales and draw in the profits you are looking for.

So now you need to ensure that both your business and yourself are protected from those possible problems connected with email marketing and stay in a good alliance with both the law and your ISP.

Keep your work legitimate and clean. Your reputation as a legitimate business character and a legitimate website or blog depends on your being a reliable and honest marketer.

The following are 3 things you MUST DO to manage your email marketing on track and out of trouble:

Take warning of those failed sends. Those are the emails that bounce.

Bounced emails, more known as undeliverable messages, are those messages that, for whatever cause, were not successfully received by the designated recipient.

There are various reasons why emails bounce. It could be because the server was busy at the period of your send but can yet be delivered later.

Or it could be because the recipient’s inbox is full. And then there are emails labeled “undeliverable” that will bounce no matter what just because of an invalid email address or misspelled the email address or because an email account was abandoned and erased already.

Maintain your list by flagging those email accounts that bounce.

Delete those email addresses from your list to maintain an accurate statistic and report as to how many are getting your mail.

You need furthermore examine the email addresses’ spellings of your list, check things like .con instead of .com or misspelled hostnames like Hotmial instead of Hotmail, even those signs mixing up the @ probably with the ! or #.

Another method to avoid misspelled or incorrect email addresses on your list and guarantee those that you are adding to your list subscribed themselves, is to apply the Double Opt-in method.

It will send a confirmation link to whoever subscribes and will not activate their subscription in your list until they have confirmed their email address.

Now you have achieved two goals, you have double-checked the email address is legitimate and ensured that the person who subscribed does want to receive your emails.

Always provide “unsubscribe” means and choices on your website and attach unsubscribe links in every email you send.

When someone on your database sends a request to be unsubscribed, always take it seriously and remove them promptly.

(If it’s sent to my contact email, I always email them back letting them know that they have been unsubscribed then keep both theirs and my emails in case of further dispute) .

If you don’t remove them from your list and you keep sending them emails, you are now sending them spam mail. then you will be reported as a spammer, you and your company can get into trouble.

You may be reported to the authorities and possibly blacklisted by numerous internet service providers.

You will waste many subscribers this way and a lot of more potential subscribers.

Avoid any pornographic or offensive and disturbing content in your newsletters – Email marketing tips for beginners

You don’t know who is reading your email and what may offend them.

Keep your emails family-friendly and clean all the time.

You should avoid controversial issues. If you concentrate on the essence of your business and stay away from anything that could potentially be viewed as harmful or offensive, you should avoid any problems.

Therefore, keep these 3 tips in your mind when planning your next email. Develop a strong and healthy relationship with your customers, show them the respect they deserve and you’ll find yourself developing a very successful opt-in list full of people wanting to receive your emails and purchase what you may offer.

email marketing tips for beginners - inbox

Using Newsletters to Raise Revenues – Email marketing tips for beginners

The primary use of a newsletter is to distribute information to your audience about your website including product announcements, website updates, news, and more.

For business or affiliate sites, the newsletter converts a tool to remind your visitors about your website to take them back or make a sale.

Repeating visitors are more focused on what your website offers. Also, the more your visitors come back, the more possibility they will make a purchase.

Keep this in mind, creating your website with a simple outline for the visitors to sign up for or leave a newsletter mailing list.

You must likewise have outlines to easily send to your entire mailing list.

What to Look For Regarding Email Broadcast Services and Software

You can buy a third party mailing service that can handle the processing of your mail or you can purchase software to do it.

A qualified web service provider should handle the mailing list for subscription, unsubscription, bounced email, and for archiving prior issues of your newsletter.

Many third-party mailing service providers send an email asking your potential subscribers to confirm their subscription.

It is known as double opt-in, and benefits stop any charge of spamming.

Archiving the prior newsletter benefits in the promotion of the newsletter, because visitors are more willing and convinced if they understand what information they’ll get from your newsletter.

Because the subscriber already understands what s/he is opting-in for, the decline rate drops dramatically.

Some of the drawbacks of paying a service to assist you can be more cost added advertisements or lack of complete control.

You can avoid these drawbacks if your web service provider offers a mailing list service.

Some of the web hosts and web service companies have very good automatic solutions for managing subscriptions, unsubscriptions, and requests for confirmation without much trouble on your side.

These payment services are normally an advertisement for free. Depending on the automation process you can get a better degree of control over the mailing list such as adding, deleting, or blocking certain subscribers and the ability to change the confirmation process and message.

Newsletter Content

Your newsletter should include information valuable to your audience. It is a good idea not to send a newsletter if you don’t have enough data.

Newsletters that don’t include anything valuable to the readers are possible to annoy recipients instead of encouraging them to convert to customers.

Avoid Spam Filters

Additional care should be taken to guarantee that subscribers, ISPs, email service providers, or his or her email software does not block your newsletter.

The possible reasons your email newsletters are blocked are:

  • Your email newsletters include offensive material or words that trip spam filters.
  • Contain words like FREE that spam filters are activated by.
  • Some software (like Hotmail) blocks mail that is not directly sent to the recipient.
  • Sending email newsletters from an ISP that is known to allow spam.

Which Format of Your Newsletter Should Be? Text, HTML or Both

The format of the newsletter serves to define its acceptability by the audience.

The newsletter can be sent as plain text or in an HTML format. The HTML format allows you to combine color, graphics, and fonts.

For long lists, HTML emails can cost more due to increased bandwidth cost, but it is usually deserving of the additional money. Good email marketing software enables email to be sent in both text and HTML format.

It is perfect because not all email clients support HTML emails to be displayed. By utilizing a service that provides both, you can take the best of both systems.


Having a newsletter on your website can improve traffic and sales. Some websites make more money from their newsletters than their websites themselves.

Using the best email software or service provider can perform the task as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

7 Methods For Using Autoresponders In Your Direct Sales Business – Email marketing tips for beginners

If you are in a direct sales business and trying to figure out, just like me, how to streamline your systems so that you can spend more of your valuable business time working on income-generating exercises?

Well, I’m here to show you that there are some easy steps you can practice NOW to improve your business for the long term, and an Autoresponder is one of those methods!

An autoresponder is an online tool that you can create a prewritten email message or series of messages and send it out automatically when someone signs up either by email or a web form.

That seems a whole lot more complex than it is.

So let me provide you examples that might work in many aspects of your direct sales business to help you see how easy this is:

Lead follow up and tracking

Do you promote either online or offline?

By using an autoresponder, you can place an email address into your ad and when one of your possible customers/recruits emails you to discover more about your business, they are automatically sent your first packet of information immediately.

Think it one step further, you can even put a different email address into the different ad, making it clear to track which ads are delivering results.

Lead Generation

Do you have a coupon or e-book that you can give away to possible new clients or recruits?

Set it up in your autoresponder and build a web form (all free with most systems) that you can put in your blog or on your website.

Then simply add a statement like “Request more information on my business today and receive a gift”. The gift and the information are sent to your visitors automatically!

Downline newsletters

If you’ve developed a team of distributors under you, you’ll want to keep in touch with them frequently. An autoresponder can do that efficiently, beginning with a “welcome to my team” email and then following as you broadcast your team newsletter through the list.

Support your new consultants get off to a great start in their new business with a series of email training messages equipped toward those days when they are waiting for their starter kit. It’s an excellent method to keep enthusiasm high during those first days!

Is there a particular area in your direct sales business that appears to cause the same issues from all the distributors in your group?

Set up another group of emails particular to that business topic and set up your team members there while the questions come in.

Leadership communication

While your direct sales business grows you’ll support leaders from your team. Set up a series of emails congratulating them on their promotion and supporting them in their new role as a leader.

Numerous people in the direct sales business have no idea what it means to manage a team of their own and you can set up a method to make them trained and equipped as well and have it work for you continuously.

Customer newsletters

Keep in touch with your customers by using an autoresponder series exactly as you do with your downline. Have a welcome series for new customers to have your name and message in front of them.

Customer classes

Set up a set of emails that highlight a product of the month from your product list, or an email course on how to use some of your products.


Set up a set of contest emails for either your customer base or your downline. For example, have a “scavenger hunt” through your catalog and use the autoresponder system to generate enthusiasm over a series of days.

I’m presuming that most of you unless you’re brand new to direct sales business, have much of the information for various of the above ideas already on your computer someplace.

By using an autoresponder, it’s simply a matter of transferring that information into the system where it can serve you, even when you’re away doing other things.

Try it. Multiple autoresponders offer a free trial so you can check out how they work before you leap.

However, after only 6 months of using an autoresponder with my own direct sales business, I can assure you it’s quite deserving every cent!

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Grow A Huge Opt-In List Of Hungry Subscribers- Email marketing tips for beginners

An opt-in list full of starving subscribers is the essence and spirit of any online business existence.

But how do you create it so that the subscribers will reply to every offer that you give them?

First, let’s take a look at what makes an online business and the systems of getting hungry subscribers into your opt-in list.

All online businesses offer great service to produce satisfaction among their clients.

Because each customer receives satisfaction across their products or the services they receive, there is a great possibility that they will become a return customer and purchase repeatedly.

Better yet, they will recommend you to different people that could create more business for you and your website.

As you drive more traffic to your website, you can entice many of them to subscribe to your opt-in list or mailing list.

It is a list where website visitors consent to be sent promotional materials such as newsletters, catalogs, and such that could have them updated about your website or the niche of your website.

These promotional materials are sent by email to the members of the list at various time intervals.

While using email as the media of your marketing and advertisements, you reduce the need for large costs.

Email is free and if you can achieve to make your promotional ad you can further save a bundle there.

By using an opt-in subscriber list, you are rather assured that what you are sending out is received, viewed, and read by the subscribers and not just being deleted.

People have signed up for service and have agreed to receive it.

It means that there are regular reminders to your subscribers about all your products, and services as well as any promotions and exclusive deals you are promoting.

There is also the possibility that they can be forwarded to other potential buyers as they show their friends and families about you and your website.

Of course, you should also be aware that a subscriber may unsubscribe if they think that they are not receiving what they desire or anticipated.

Make sure that they are happy with your opt-in marketing tactics and keep them excited about getting your newsletters and catalogs.

The following are some points that can help you develop a list of eager subscribers.

Create your promotional materials interesting and enjoyable. Try to utilize a little creativity but not too over artsy. Build throughout what your product or service is regarding.

For instance, if you are promoting car parts, put some images of what is new in the auto parts world, a new wing door perhaps that can fit any car and present it as a Lamborghini.

Work to investigate what people are searching for, this way, you stay one step ahead of them all the time and you will be their messenger of fresh tidings.

They will be excited to receive what you are sending them because they understand you continually have fresh and new stuff to share with them.

Write amazing articles that can be quite informational but light at the same time. If your subscribers like your articles, they will come to your website by clicking the links placed on your newsletter to read some more.

You can write articles that can connect to various people. Try to be diverse in your articles.

Write something humorous, then Write something informational, then put something that produces both.

Are you wary about this because you don’t enjoy writing?

No problem, numerous professional and expert article writers can do the job for you for minimum fees.

They understand what they are doing and can present the need that you have for your newsletters, the money that you spend on your articles will be satisfied by the various signs-ups and the possible profit from the sales that you will make.

Write and send an ebook to your clients about anything associated with your business or website.

Use your experience and expertise in the niche you have chosen to support other people who are likewise interested. Give this ebook for free.

You can compose about anything informational and valuable to your subscribers – Email marketing tips for beginners

For instance, you can create manuals and guides in so many items. The ebook can be used as a reference for numerous people.

Share this ebook with everyone, even other websites, just make sure that they don’t alter the links in the e-book that will drive people to your website.

If you need it, you can always make some people write it for you like your articles. Your investment once again will be included by the great marketing this will create.

Attach e-coupons in your newsletters that will encourage them to avail of exclusive discounts. Place a control number in your ecoupon so that it can be used once only.

When people find discounts that can be in your newsletters, they will be enthusiastic to receive your newsletter in awareness of what you are promoting following.

If your subscribers can gain benefits from your newsletters, they will be extremely eager to get them.

Just don’t overwhelm your mailing list with emails so that you don’t bother your subscribers.

5 Ways To Use Email Marketing Wisely – Email marketing tips for beginners

Email Marketing is the most cheapest and effective way to sell products.

But, under tons of junk mail, your marketing mail is always ignored and placed into the wastebasket.

To stand out from the trash mails, follow the ideas below to improve the power of your email marketing.

1. No “image only” email, use text mail preferably

First, an email with an image will increase the loading time on the email server. Next, some email servers will identify those “image only” emails as trash mails or spam mails.

Of course, it will lower the opportunity to deliver the mail to your client.

2. No attachment

Comparable to the above example, emails with an attachment will increase the loading time on the email server.

Under the virus’s threat, the email attachment will be filtered out by some email servers.

The client may not receive what you desire to present.

Moreover, now, most people are highly sensitive to these unknown email attachments, they will not take the gamble to open the attachment.

3. No fancy HTML email

HTML email can present a feature-rich interface. But, not all email clients support the HTML email properly.

Even the email customers claim they support HTML email, different email customers function differently.

If the email customers cannot support properly, how can your client view the message?

Furthermore, numerous users set the email customer as “Don’t load the image automatically”, your email will produce blank areas in this circumstance.

4. Write down the recipient’s name

This will increase the customers’ interest because they don’t want to skip any information that is associated with them.

5. Present your sender address

Those emails with invalid sender addresses will be blocked by Some email servers or sender addresses that do not exist in the recipients’ address book.

Therefore don’t hide your name, let your client know who you are.

email marketing tips for beginners

3 Ways To Grow A Quick Profitable Opt-In List -Email marketing tips for beginners

The following sections sum the work of opt-in list authorities who are thoroughly familiar with all the aspects of opt-in lists.

Follow this advice to avoid any opt-in list surprises.

You finally recognize that you need a good opt-in list. After reading many articles and asking for expert help and having learned many success stories of people creating a small fortune with opt-in lists, you eventually decide to have one of your own.

Later it happens, you believe you have understood everything there is to know about opt-in lists and have followed their guidance and you still weren’t able to earn a profit.

You may be wasting money. You may be hiring writers to help you out, or there are some costs incurred, even if you hold a big list, but just a very small portion buys from you, you’re still missing profit.

You´ll realize that after several months when you view your statistics and sales figures.

Hence what could have gone wrong? Why should others succeed where you have failed? The most typical mistake is that you dived straight right in.

You chose a niche where you believe could be pretty popular and would make you money. This simply is not the case. Just because you wrote people from the list doesn’t indicate they are going to buy immediately.

Here I will give more advice, for people who have started an opt-in list and have failed, you can restore your failed attempt.

For people who are starting, here are 3 active and accessible ways to develop a profitable opt-in list.

1. Gain your clients’ trust first.

Only launching your opt-in list would not present you as an authority and a trustworthy seller.

Write as many articles as you can first before you start an opt-in list. Write about the niche you understand and have started and worked for your website.

Seek to put forums first to obtain knowledge about your clients about their desires and needs and target those desires and needs.

Follow forums from other websites as well.

Give expert advice and recommendations. When you believe that people trust you already, you may start your opt-in list.

You can create a base as well with other forum users. 

You can invite them to register your list. Some of your friends are always good customers. Place up a link to your website so that they may be able to understand what your business is all about.

If you get yourself confused by what you’ve learned to this point, don’t despair. Just keep reading, everything should be crystal clear when you finish.

The truth is, the money will come in when the consumers and subscribers trust you.

They need a product or service that could be a good trade for their money. People will not buy something out of your recommendation if they don’t recognize you.

2. Locate a product or service that people want and need.

Although it may not be your strength, if you provide a service and product that you have studied and learned about well, you can bring it on forward.

Invest your time, effort, and money in the products or services that you could sell as well as the customers or subscribers of your opt-in list can use.

While it is right that it is best to promote something that you have an interest in, there are not numerous people who have a similar interest as you if you choose to sell something that is not popular or profitable.

Complete your study well and you would see the profits get in. Plus, give your subscribers promotional material that they could truly use and spread around.

3. Get friends with other opt-in list users.

This is helpful especially if it is someone who has previously started a successful opt-in list.

Those are people that have the experience in this adventure and experience is still the best teacher.

While there are numerous articles accessible for you online to use, there is zero like taking a first-hand account from someone you believe.

Experienced opt-in list users can show you what to do and what not to do because they have gone through it.

While different circumstances happen for different people, the overall concept can still be pretty useful. There are various things to avoid, and those people can tell you which ones.

Growing a profitable opt-in list doesn’t only happen overnight. There are several preparations and efforts to do.

Opt-in lists are created from scratch, as your list grows, you should further control the quality of your list.

Retain it orderly and manageable. Get help if need be, make sure that your subscribers are pleased and satisfied and they will be prepared to buy from you.

Now you know why there’s a developing interest in opt-in lists.

When people begin searching for more information about opt-in lists, you’ll be in a place to satisfy their needs.

4 ways to achieve online success with email autoresponders – Email marketing tips for beginners

An email autoresponder should become as fundamental to every business. People stopped looking at regular websites years ago.

Presently, every online visitor wants a website that is caring and will develop a positive relationship with its visitors.

That’s why online businesses are investing enormous money into Customer Relationship Management programs.

Nevertheless, if you are a start-up company lack tremendous capital outlay to put into customer relations, 

you can utilize autoresponders to present an amazing warm reception and communication with your visitors.

To manage a successful online business, you may need to be guided by available analysis on customers.

Analysis has long established that accurate and appropriate responses are important elements that visitors use to judge how friendly websites are and how they would want to communicate with them.

Also, you may need to know that visitors are more possible to build relationships with websites that give excellent feedback and up-to-date responses.

Autoresponders therefore undoubtedly answer the call of website owners trying automated interaction with customers at all aspects of their customer relations.

An email autoresponder can securely deliver 5 principal business-boosting roles for all websites which need to make a high rating in customer relations and hence improve customer loyalty.


Autoresponders can make people understand you have received their emails and that you will promptly respond to their request.

Even when you are not available to respond promptly, you can respond later. You see, customers are predominantly in a state of anxiety and it is a useful marketing tactic to reduce such anxieties.

People buy for many reasons, one of those is being an urgent need to do something.

So, answering their emails, make their minds at ease, and then they are sure that a response will be anticipated on their inquiry.

If you send one thousand emails per day, there is no way you can efficiently respond to all these manually and that is where an autoresponder comes in.


Supposing you were out of the office for two days and a buyer is interested in paying you a hundred thousand Dollar deal and writes to you to receive a response so that the business is transacted.

It will be very discouraging for him to wait and wait for no response to come forth. If you have an email autoresponder established, some preparatory email marketing messages can be sent to the client, at least telling him of products/services available or explaining your absence and the time you will be back.

If the sender wants to wait, you can come back to reply properly and get the deal achieved.


In this time of scam and fraud on the Internet, every customer will want confirmation of his purchase.

An autoresponder confirmation achieves two purposes: it ensures the buyer that the goods will be forthcoming and it relieves him of the thoughts that he had transacted with a fraudster.

An autoresponder delivering this purpose will make your customers satisfied and buy from you always.


Buyers do businesses a big favor by buying. Although you are giving away a product or service in return, clients need to be appreciated for purchasing from you.

At least they had various options but they preferred to buy from you because they admire you or how you conducted your business.

You can use an email autoresponder to send follow up messages to clients thanking them for their business and encouraging them of continued support.

Every company must make it a point to rely on an email autoresponder to produce customer satisfaction and loyalty. Modern online businesses cannot afford to lose this section of daily web-based transactions.

5 Proven Tips for Effective Email Marketing – Email marketing tips for beginners

Over the past few years, analysis has continued to prove the advantages of email marketing for business: low expenses, high conversion rates, and detailed tracking are all well-known features.

But email marketing is growing much more than simply a tool for spammers and e-businesses.

Buyers are becoming savvier on the differences between spam and permission-based emails, and more and more of them are trusting permission-based e-mail marketing as a positive replacement for direct mail.

Most consumers who receive permission-based emails open, on average, 78% of them open them.

Jupiter Research states profitable email marketing campaigns can generate nine times the revenues and 18 times the profits of broadcast mailings.

But composing an effective business email is both an art and a science. Here are some factors, possible obstacles, and effective resolutions for extremely effective email marketing:

1. Spammy emails!

The average buyer receives more than 300 emails per week, 62% of which are spam. No wonder there’s such hatred towards the business.

However, spam filters, bulk folders, and “report spam” features are assisting consumers to become more at peace about the risks of spam.

Therefore, as a permission-based business email marketer, what should you do?

One advice is to tell your subscribers to add you to their “safe senders” list.

The most important tactic is to make sure your email marketing service company has a great relationship with ISPs. 

This will guarantee that your email marketing campaigns go into your subscribers’ inboxes, not their spam mail folders.

When picking an email marketing software, make sure the company has strict anti-spam policies and complies with the guidelines of Can-Spam.

2. Images and formatting: Why do your emails look broken?

Broken email campaigns are a growing concern with email marketers, especially after several companies and web-based email providers now block graphics as an action to fight spam.

Based on ClickZ’s research, 40% of email marketing messages delivered to inboxes are “broken.”

The answer we thought has now grown one of our key competitive advantages.

What we do is distribute every single email marketing campaign sent to a safe location on the web (a location only original recipients of the email can reach, thanks to encrypted technology that automatically verifies the user).

The technology further ensures you can track your users’ behaviors, even if they are viewing your email campaign at a secure web location.

3. Personalization and related content: email marketing tips for beginners

In a business email, one size does not suit all. Based on DoubleClick’s recent research, people were 72% more likely to answer a business email if its content was the interests they had particularized.

This number points out the certain importance of enabling users to choose their interest groups and have power over which business emails they receive.

The most popular interest groups, according to the research, are coupons and household goods.

But your coupon is useless unless the customer opens the email.

Users in the research said the most compelling reason for them to open a business email is the name in the “from” field.

So it’s a great idea to make sure your company name is put there clearly. Another main point is the “subject” line.

Consumers cite discount offers and interesting news as the most attractive subject lines, followed by new product releases and free shipping offers.

4. Click-through and conversion: Show me the money!

So the customer has opened your email and viewed the content. Great. But where’s the deal?

There’s great news here. For one, customers are more likely to make buying as a direct result of a business email campaign.

In the DoubleClick research, one-third of customers had bought something by clicking a link on an email.

Extra 42% clicked on an email link for more information, later bought the product.

Besides, online couponing is booming: 73% of customers have redeemed an online coupon for online shopping, and 59% have redeemed an online coupon offline.

The best performance industries are travel, hardware/software, apparel, food, electronics, gifts/flowers, home furnishings, and sporting goods.

Companies sending business emails in these classes said between 71% and 80% of recipients have bought their products due to an email campaign.

There’s no need to worry if your business doesn’t fit into one of these industries. The overall scenery for email marketing conversions is growing brighter every day.

The average click-to-purchase rate has grown by nearly 30% since the past few years and the average orders-per-email- the delivered rate has grown more than 18% since last year.

5. Stats tracking: who are my real clients?

Email marketing is a more popular tool in effective CRM, and it’s about time more companies realize that. If your provider’s email services do not incorporate detailed, real-time tracking, you’re making a raw deal.

Real-time tracking is instantly an industry standard, and it’s extremely valuable, as it enables you to see the exact time a user opens your campaign, clicks on your link, and performs that purchase.

Analyzing your customers can benefit you to improve your communications efforts, so each campaign performs better than the last (some email service providers additionally allow you to compare the performance of your campaigns).

email marketing tips for beginners - gmail

6 Effective Ways To Use Autoresponders – Email marketing tips for beginners

1. Try an email course.

Compose up a course or use your articles to design a course that you can give to your website visitors.

You can educate people about your product and improve your sales by revealing to them the benefits they’ll receive from buying from you.

2. Mail excerpts of your ebook.

Boost your sales by displaying your visitors firsthand the valuable information you offer them.

Simply string collectively excerpts of some or maybe just one section of your ebook, and then offer your autoresponder sequence to your visitors.

If you own an affiliate program, boost your sales by making this autoresponder sequence (as well as any email course you offer) accessible to your affiliates.

3. Publish an ezine.

By using broadcast proficient autoresponders, you can double opt-in all of your new subscribers and mail out your copies at the time you want.

Promote your ezine on your website, and submit it to ezine catalogs and ezine announcement lists. If you write articles, you can further gain more new subscribers by using your resource box to promote your ezine.

You can further promote your ezine in your signature file and gain more new subscribers within your day to day emails and likewise from your posts to discussion lists and forums that you’re a member of.

4. Offer a sample issue.

Deliver one of your best current ezine issues available by autoresponder.

Then offer it on your website, and when you can cover it along with your other ezine information when you submit your ezine to ezine directories.

5. Issue an article announcement list.

Gain more ezine publishers and webmasters to publish your articles systematically by creating a list that states when you’ve written a new article or articles.

You can keep in touch with people that like your writing, helping you to make your articles published more often and boost traffic to your website.

6. Create a training course available to your affiliates.

Give a generic email training course that your affiliates can utilize to learn how to successfully promote your products and earn commissions.

Your affiliates will have a helpful resource that they can print out and go back to again and again, and you’ll be able to improve your profits by helping your affiliates get started on the right track.

Best 7 Tactics For Getting More Email Subscribers To Your List – Email marketing tips for beginners

Gaining more email subscribers to your list should be superior to a blogger or online marketer.

You require as many new email subscribers to your email list as possible. Your email list is the transportation for earning a passive income from home over time.

If you try to build an email list of 500 targeted subscribers, it will be far more worthwhile than a list of 5,000 subscribers who don’t know who you are and why you are sending them information.

When you are sending valuable information and suggesting high-quality products to your email list, you can anticipate making sales because they are interested in what you have to offer.

The following are 7 effective tactics for getting more email subscribers to your list every day.

Your email list will make a regular growing monthly income for you. Gaining more email subscribers to your list is essential. People unsubscribe or become unresponsive for many reasons.

1. Don´t hide your sign-up form! – Email marketing tips for beginners

Place your sign up form on a highly visible place on your website, don’t hide it. Your email list is what will make you money online, so your central priority should be to get as many people to subscribe as possible.

Design an eye-catching opt-in form, then put it up on your website or blog.

Your form should be the initial thing website visitors see when visiting.

Provide your visitors with numerous opportunities to opt-in. Put a sign-up form further under every article on your site, attach one to the sidebar as well.

The most successful online marketers spend 97% of their time developing their email subscriber list. There is a cause for this, they know that the money is on the list. Do what works, keep it simple!

2. Why should people sign up? – Email marketing tips for beginners

To gain more email subscribers, you need to give them a valid reason to do so. Describe the benefits of why they should sign up for your free newsletter. “What’s in it for me?” – Nobody would sign up without getting some value.

3. You must establish trust! – Email marketing tips for beginners

When people visit your site, they don’t know who you are. To make them sign up for your free newsletter, you must make them trust you.

To defeat the trust problem, you need to guarantee that their email addresses are 100% safe with you. You will not trade their email addresses or spam them ever.

You have most probably seen many email subscription forms, and most of them have a line like this:

“We won’t spam and will do our best to keep your information safe. You can unsubscribe anytime you want.”

It makes people happier to give you their email addresses when they believe you. Make sure you combine the text above with your forms as well.

4. Simple things work best! – Email marketing tips for beginners

Always keep everything as simple as possible, in this situation, keep your sign up form short and sweet.

If you aim to gain more email subscribers to your list, then you need to make it fast and simple to sign up.

You don’t want any other information except the email address. Many website owners have forms that require too much information like telephone numbers, website addresses, home addresses, and also fax numbers.

If it’s difficult to sign up, your email list won’t grow. Create your form so it is simple and requires just the email address, you don’t need any additional information.

5. You need a worthy freebie! – Email marketing tips for beginners

This is related to point #2. Visitors need a good reason to sign up for your free newsletter. You will require to provide them a really valuable incentive to do so, a freebie that is not accessible anywhere else.

Your freebie could be a 15 page PDF special report that is related to your niche. There are many great ideas for how to make a specific report bonus, just Google it.

Spend time thinking about what your motivation is. The freebie needs to answer a problem. Visitors will sign up for your email list to learn more information and solve a problem they have.

6. Sweet, unique, interesting content! – Email marketing tips for beginners

As a website owner or blogger, you must realize the importance of having fresh, unique, and interesting content on your website.

You must understand how important it is to update your site routinely.

When people visit your website and notice that your blog was last updated 6 months ago, they will probably not sign up for your free newsletter. They guess that your newsletter will be old also.

If you manage your blog fresh, you will gain more subscribers as well.

Fresh content will further increase your possibilities of getting steady organic traffic from the search engines.

7. Daily advertising! – Email marketing tips for beginners

You will gain more email subscribers to your list by advertising your website.

Besides composing fresh content routinely, there are also a lot of other free (and paid) advertising means available.


7 Steps for Developing Your Email Marketing – Email marketing tips for beginners

Your email marketing’s success is on many complicated factors.

When creating your next email campaign, think about the following guidelines.

1. Your list

One of the most important factors of any email marketing campaign, your list is directly related to your success.

Are your names fresh? Have they consented to be marketed? Have they shown an interest in products or services related to your own?

Be sure that you are using names you collected on your own or purchased from a reputable broker.

2. Your subject line

Making users open your message is paramount for any email marketing campaign.

The best method to determine the subject line that works best is to break your emails into three random equal groups.

Measure the response to each email and use the highest generating one as your control. In follow up emails, seek to surpass the response rate of your control email.

3. Your sender information

What data appears on the sender line of your email? Will your recipients recognize it?e

Do they desire to hear from you?

Emails are often deleted without ever being opened due to a vague sender name.

Your sender’s name should be short and quickly understood.

4. Track your results

Tracking enables you to learn who opened your message and clicked on a link or multiple links inside your email.

By learning what worked and what didn’t, you can replicate success in your following email.

As explained above, tracking is especially important when testing subject lines, embedded links, and other direct response vehicles.

5. Be sure your unsubscribe method is in place and working

The CAN-SPAM Act requires that all email messages include clear directions on how to opt-out from subsequent mailings.

Present an unsubscribe method that enables those receiving your email to send you an email and indicate their desire to opt-out of receiving further emails from you or your company.

If recipients no longer want to receive emails from you, it’s in your best interest to exclude them from your list.

6. Your images are accurately referenced and you used alt tags in each image.

Poorly referencing your images can cause them to look broken when you send your message – the dreaded red x.

To guarantee the image is referenced accurately it must appear as, IMG src=”….” rather than, IMG src=”/images/picture.jpg”.

Alt tags are an extra important part of your images.

The latest security features on nearly every email client these days disables images automatically. Having alt tags in place lets your reader identify the image and decide if it is safe to enable.

7. Test, Test, Test!

No matter what your engagement with email marketing happens to be, you need to follow the guidelines above for successful results.

Moreover, the answer is to test, test, test! After each email campaign, measure your opens, click-throughs, and buying.

File the precise date, time, list, subject line, and content used to generate your results.

Refer back to your file before you start your next campaign.

Email is not a complex form of marketing. There are numerous best practices you can follow and some simple rules that guarantee effective delivery, open, and conversion.

I hope these email marketing tips for beginners will be helpful to you.

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By following the manageable rules presented in this section, you can not only deliver an efficient email campaign but furthermore find a consistent method for creating revenue for your business.

8 Steps To Compelling Email Copy Each Time – Email marketing tips for beginners

Before you sit down to compose your email sales letter, you need to learn exactly who your audience is. It is the key to getting results from email marketing.

Step #1 – Who is your audience?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  •What do your clients/customers want?

  •What frustrates your customers most?

  •Who else is selling something similar to your audience?

  •Why should your prospects/customers believe you?

  •Why should customers respond to you rather than someone else?

  •What kind of questions will your target market respond to?

Step #2 – The subject line!

Before an email can produce results, recipients are required to open it. However, what should you do to spark their attention and get their interest motor revved up?

The SUBJECT LINE is key.

There are four varieties of email formulas you can apply as a guide in crafting your email.

Everyone has a different PSYCHOLOGICAL APPEAL that works like magic on customers.

The following are some examples:

Present a powerful benefit

“Udimi Fills Your Need for Targeted Email Leads”

Pique curiosity

“ The secret sauce to developing a list in 2020 and beyond!”

Compose your subject line with a news angle

“Udimi shows how you can develop a highly responsive email list using solo ads!”

Give Instant Gratification

“With Udimi, you will gain dozens of highly targeted leads to your email list before the sun goes down tonight!”

Complete this important “homework assignment”: Write at least 25 SUBJECT LINES before you determine which one to use.

Choose the best two and test them against each other in your marketing campaign. (Keep the “losers” to use for other purposes or spruce up later.)

Step #3 – What’s in it for them?

Write every believable benefit your product has.

Have no idea the difference between features and benefits?

Benefits describe the results of using the product, features describe the product. Features petition to logic, logic justifies emotion, emotion drives sales (see following).

Here`s a law of thumb for benefits: ask yourself “What problem can my product or service solve for my customer?”

Then start to write your letter explaining to your reader WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM.

Show them how much better life will be for them after they buy from you. Describe to them how much better they are going to feel. Inform them how their peers will respect them more.

Step #4 – An emotional appeal!

While promoting anything to anybody, you must learn that buying decisions are based upon emotion and later backed up by logic.

Before you write a single word, decide what emotional hot buttons you need to push to “jumpstart” your audience.

Promoting health supplements?

Press the “fear of illness” button with “A Natural Method to Save Your Eyesight.”

Promoting political bumper stickers?

Press the “anger” button with: “Make the President Understand What You Think of His Policies.”

Others include curiosity, greed, ego, vanity, hope, and or fear of scarcity or security.

Step #5 – A name you can trust!

To persuade people to buy your product or service, you must make them believe that your offer is reliable and that you (or your product) will perform as promised.

How do you do that? Here are 3 ways you can establish credibility with the readers of your sales letter:

  • Present testimonials.
  • Include endorsement letters from expert figures in your industry.
  • Present your offer and promises genuine and believable.

Step #6 – Offer a guarantee

Now, trying to sell without some guarantee is a losing proposition. So, you need to have one.

And the more solid your guarantee is, the better your response will be.

Also, believe it or not, although most people will NOT request a refund, they`ll trust your offer, knowing that you stand behind it.

You can allow a 24-hour, 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, or even full-year money-back guarantee.

And there is an interesting fact: The longer the period, the fewer refunds you`ll have! It’s human nature to hesitate, so the more time someone thinks they have to receive a refund, the more they’ll put it off or forget about the refund altogether.

Step #7 – Don´t forget to ask!

It appears all the time. Someone makes a wonderful sales presentation and then doesn’t close the deal because he/she didn`t ask for the order or made the process frustrating rather than simple.

From the Research Department: Statistics point that you need to ask for the order at least 3 times to close substantial sales. (Some researchers put the number at 7!)

If you can provide several ways for your customers to order — Customers love choice. It shows them, “You`re speaking straight to me and satisfying my unique needs.”

If you just provide one way to order, present it crystal clear how AND how easy it is.

Explain it in detail and ask for the order. Then ask repeatedly.

Step #8 – Long blocks of copy are scary!

This is a well-known fact: Long blocks of copy are intimidating and will usually send people running for the hills or at least the Delete button.

The solution?

Split up paragraphs into two to four sentences. Use proper subheadings throughout the email letter.

And utilize asterisks, dashes, and ellipses to present your copy more rhythm. Bullet points are great eye-catchers – apply them whenever appropriate.

10 Steps to Get the Most of Autoresponders – Email marketing tips for beginners

So you’ve worked hard in building your website, regularly adding content to it, and building links, and increasing search engine positions.

The following step, that many overlook, is to seize your visitors by using an autoresponder.

This is a scenario that you should consider. A visitor discovers your website in one of the many ways that you have been practicing to bring traffic and gets just what they are searching for and are about to make a purchase.

They are distracted while at their computer and leave the website.

Although the case above is hypothetical, the reality is that visitors may leave your website for various reasons without you getting the most of your opportunity.

That is saving when you are using an autoresponder.

Capturing their email address would have allowed you to contact them at a later date to possibly make the sale that you originally missed out on.

Autoresponders are extraordinary, flexible programs that do much more than only automatically answer your emails.

I’ll explain below several ideas that you can use your autoresponder to transform the casual visitor into a profitable customer creatively and productively.

1. Publish a newsletter

High-quality autoresponders will handle subscriptions and follow-up with those interested customers that have signed up.

It enables you to manage your autoresponder list updated about your products or services, and further build your reputation as an expert in your chosen business field.

2. Contact affiliates

Suppose you have an affiliate program, you can easily communicate with your affiliates, inform them of any offers you are running, or to provide them with promotional material that they can use to improve their commissions and your sales.

You could give any tips and advice that you feel would help your affiliates.

3. Promote advertising chances

You may offer or plan on providing advertising on your website, ezine, or newsletter. You can set up your autoresponder to send out information about the price of advertising, and how to get more information.

Of course, you could further inform your list of any advertising discounts or offers that you may have.

4. Write reviews

Write reviews on products and services that you discovered to be useful. Email this review out with your autoresponder along with your affiliate link to the product or service.

5. Offer email courses

Offer valuable information in the form of email courses, which can be set up to send out each lesson at certain intervals.

It is essential not to solely provide a sales pitch but to provide quality content. You can later present a paragraph at the end of the email course to attract the prospect to buy your product.

6. Share free reports

Provide your visitors with a taste of the information that you give, and the quality of your product and service.

Again, do not present these out to be sales letters, or you stand to lose customers rather than gain.

7. Product tasters

Offer the prospects samples of your product, whether it be software, course, ebook, membership, etc.

In this way, you can capture email addresses from your website, and follow-up to get the complete sale.

8. Attach hidden links to pages

In exchange for an email address, you could attach a link to an affiliate page including promotional material. You can collect a list of visitors that are interested in becoming your affiliates.

9. Order page autoresponder

Implement a form on your order pages that enable visitors to be kept notified of exclusive offers or discounts.

It offers a great opportunity to build a mailing list that includes the names of people who are already your customers, and who are interested in any forthcoming products.

10. Distribute articles

Enable visitors to sign up to your autoresponder to receive articles.

A lot of ezine publishers and webmasters are searching for content, and this enables you to provide this content whilst adding your bio and description of your product or service in a resource box.

There are many examples of how you can use autoresponders creatively, I’ve given 10 in the following section.

Autoresponders are important to all online marketers, and you should thoughtfully consider using one if you do not previously.

do more

10 Best Tips For Writing Effective Emails – Email marketing tips for beginners

Now, we communicate with each other more and more through email.

We use Email to write something to clients, friends, relatives, etc.

Whoever your recipient is, it is growing very crucial that you write the email effectively.

You can save your time, other people’s time and gain more trust & confidence from the other end by writing an effective email, as you know.

Reply as soon as possible

More and more people communicate with each other through email. Even if they mention or not, they anticipate timely responses.

Jupiter Research study indicates that 35% of clients expect a reply within six hours, an additional 55% anticipate a reply within 24 hours.

Though a lot of people concentrate on response time, content is quite as important.

The same study showed that the lack of a thorough response (45%) will make online customers view a company negatively when regarding future buying.

Master the art of writing Email

Badly crafted emails will create additional emails back & forth, which probably eat up more of your time.

Worse, badly crafted emails can push unnecessary calls to your most expensive channel – your phone. Plus, clients are bound to be annoyed and frustrated.

The following are a few tips for writing email replies that are both thorough and proper:

1. Format your reply so that it’s clear to read on a screen.

Don’t write emails using long sentences, which are lengthy horizontally.

Each line should be short, write 5-6 words in each line only and not above that.

2. Make sure the subject is brief and meaningful to the recipient.

Not simply a general “Response from Marketing Team” But also be careful that it doesn’t seem like spam.

3. Present one subject per paragraph. 

Arrange this separately by blank lines, so that it’s clear to read and understand.

4. Be concise. 

Use as few words as possible to send your message. More is not better while it comes to email. An email is not viewed as an electronic letter.

5. Write simple, declarative sentences. 

Write for third or fourth-grade readers, especially if you’re designing templates that are sent automatically.

You have no idea about the education level of your sender or the level of comfort with the English language.

6. Stay sensitive to the tone of the initial email. 

If the sender is annoyed because of an error on your part, acknowledge it. Clearly state what you will do to correct the situation.

7. Make sure you solve all the problems posed in the initial inquiry. 

An incomplete answer frustrates the sender and results in further contact. It additionally makes the company sending the reply to look incompetent.

8. Make it clear what measures you will take and when the writer can anticipate the next communication from you.

9. Do not ask for an order number/case number or any past information which you recognize out of your mind only if one is included in the initial email, this sounds rather basic, but sometimes people miss quite obvious info in an email.

10. Don’t only tell the sender to visit your website. In various cases, they have visited the website and couldn’t get the answers they were searching for.

If you need them to go back to visit the website, present a direct link to the specific information the reader needs.

Do you need help creating an email list?

Most marketers will say that creating a list is one of the most efficient ways to spend your time if you desire to make money online.

Despite this, if you think the effort is too much without even trying to look at the work needed. I would sincerely advise that you rethink your marketing tactics.

An opt-in list is one of the most important assets you can grow.

Let’s look at that announcement a little more closely.

I was communicating with an online marketer the other day, and we were talking about the relative merits of blogs and mailing lists.

He manages a fairly high traffic blog in online marketing and making money online niche and has built up a decent subscriber foundation over the past couple of years.

He makes a full time living online, however, until recently had not concentrated too much on developing a mailing list.

Lately, he developed his approach and started to create his list and has been surprised by the difference in conversion rates that he has experienced.

A mailing to his fresh list generated 40 sales from one email. A blog post on the topic of the same product delivered 1 sale.

As you can imagine, he has soon converted and a true follower in the power of having a list.

This is all fine and good, but the obstacles that hold many people back from attempting to develop a list are usually cost-related.

It requires money for a professional autoresponder – normally a monthly recurring charge, and it’s not always simple to convince people to sign up for yet another list, and it’s not easy to bring traffic to your opt-in forms either.

That is why having a blog or your website(s) becomes so important.

Putting your opt-in form in as many places as possible will enhance the possibilities of attracting new subscribers. 

You will require something to give them in exchange for their information, a gift of some kind is normally the method to work.

It is a lot of effort, and this is the other thing that holds many marketers back. However, the effort and the costs are rather worthwhile in terms of return on investment.

There is much free software out there that claims to do the work for you, however, despite the best attempts of the program designers, most of them drop short of the end-user and are no substitute for your list.

 However, for beginners, there is one solution that works pretty well.

It does not demand that you own an autoresponder (although if you do it provides for full integration) and you don’t need to pay for the service.

It works on a pretty simple system, that moves a step beyond traditional viral marketing.

By using the system to develop your list, you will likewise be helping others to develop theirs.

It seems so easy, it’s a surprise that not more people have got on to it but the results can be pretty awesome.

The online marketer who invests in the initial software and hosting stands to get the most of course, as he or she will reap the benefits of the viral impact spectacularly, but it doesn’t diminish from the benefits for everyone else.

If you are still doubtful about developing an opt-in list of your own, do not put it off for too much longer, because the earlier you begin, the earlier you will get the rewards.

I hope these email marketing tips for beginners would help many new online marketers like you be successful on the road to your first email list.

Please comment below if you have any thought.

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