Beat ways to create a website.

Best Way to Create a Website

This article will showcase the best way to create a website from start to finish for a variety of purposes and help you understand what you are doing step by step. 

Many people believe that starting an online business is an expensive and long-winded process and that you either need to have hardcore coding skills or enough money to pay someone who does. 

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The truth is, it’s never been easier to start your own online business. Whether you want to start your own blog and earn advertising revenue or simply give your business that digital edge over your competitors. 

Why pay hundreds if not thousands of pounds to have someone do it for you, when you have the skills to do it yourself. 

But not only that, we will be going into the finer details that many other articles miss, to ensure your online business is one step ahead. No prior experience is required and your website will be up and running in no time. 

Because of its large directory of plugins, simple content management system, theme marketplace and SEO support, we will be using WordPress to build and manage our website. 

You may know WordPress was used by more than 26.4% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2020 and is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web with more than 60 million websites. 

The best thing about WordPress is that it allows users to create almost any type of website with ease and is revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals are succeeding online.

Use wordPress to create a website.

Throughout this article, we will be creating a professional looking feature rich blog. But that’s not all, once you’ve finished this article, you will have the knowledge and confidence to take what you have learned and apply the best way to create a website you want. 

How much does a web designer cost? 

The price of web design varies from company to company, but you can expect a price anywhere from hundreds of dollars all the way up to thousands depending on your requirements. 

After reading this book, you will have not only the skills to create your own website, but the expertise to create websites for others, opening up a potentially high earning revenue stream.

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Choosing a Name – First step to create a website

For those that already have an established brand identity, you can skip over this section. 

If this is your first online business, you should consider choosing a unique name that will reflect your industry, help you rank for the keywords you’re looking for and that will not clash with popular search results. 

Using words in your name that will help you rank higher for your keywords: if your keyword is ‘web design London’ then it will be beneficial to include one of these words in your name.

Do research to avoid clashing with other popular search results: using words that belong to popular businesses in your name.

You can research at Google keywords

Simply sign into your Google account (sign up if you haven’t got one, as this will be used later on). Fill in details in the ‘About your business’ section and continue to the ‘Your first campaign’ page. 

This will be where we set up Google pay per click (PPC) ads later on, but for now we will use the Google keyword tool to give an impression on how popular our intended search results will be.

Google keyword planner, your first campaign.

Fill in a random budget, add your location if your business will be location specific, and then choose ‘Select your keywords’

Add keywords that will relate to your business.

This is where you will add keywords that will relate to your business or the service/products you provide. This will give you an impression on how popular or niche certain keywords are. 

By clicking on the ‘More like this’ button, you can view related keywords. 

To view advanced keyword data, you will need to create a campaign initially. You can enter a small budget and proceed through the steps until you get to the Google Adwords main page. 

Delete any campaigns you created to get to this stage then go to Tools Keyword Planner.

Go to Tools Keyword Planner.

Click on ‘Get search volume data and trends’. This will provide you with information on how many searches a particular word or phrase receives.

Get search volume data and trends.

Type in the keyword you want to research and click ‘Get search volume’.

Type in the keyword you want to research.

This will then return data on that keyword including monthly search numbers, the competition and the suggested bid if you were to start a Google Pay-Per-Click campaign.

Monthly search numbers, the competition and the suggested bid.

When you have a rough idea for a name, research it to see if any similar businesses or websites exist.

To create a unique name, I decided to combine my initials EM with the Latin word aptus that means connected. 

This will be the name of a web design blog that will be a product of everything learned in this article. 

By doing a simple Google search, which returns only 341 results, meaning the website could easily become the top hit on Google when we’re finished.

Search pupularity - Best way to create a website.

To create a website, you need to create a Logo first

Many people believe you need to hire an expensive graphic designer to create an effective and attractive logo.

This is often unnecessary, and there are free tools available which will enable you to create a professional looking logo in no time.

Using GIMP 

GIMP is a useful piece of free software which boasts much of the functionality of its expensive equivalent; Adobe Photoshop.

Following these steps to create a professional logo: 

Download GIMP  

GIMP logo tutorial – how to create a logo 

If you’d prefer to skip this step and purchase a professionally designed logo, there are a number of different websites that offer cheap logo design like Brandcrowd and Logoground.

Alternatively you can use the popular freelancing website fiverr to hire a professional to create a logo that won’t break the bank.

Once you have your logo, make sure it is in a .PNG format for maximum quality.

The logo on the left will be the general logo which will be placed at the top of the website. The logo on the right will be used for the favicon for our website. 

The favicon is the little icon that appears next to the website name in your browser. We will discuss how to upload this later on in the book.

The favicon to create a website.

To create a website, you need to have a domain name

Your domain name is probably the most important part of your business. It is what customers/users will be typing into their address bar as they search for your website. 

In the past, we were limited to .com domain names, but now, a whole new selection has been made available. 

Securing a domain is very straightforward and inexpensive nowadays. 

To get your domain, navigate to a domain purchasing website like GoDaddy or NameCheap

Throughout this article, we will be creating a website through GoDaddy as they offer reasonable pricing and managing additional services such as increasing server space and creating professional email addresses are straightforward.

Search Domain in order to create a website.
Enter your business name or preferred web address here and click ‘Search Domain’. 

The shorter your domain name and more popular the keyword means the more expensive the domain name will be. The .com domains tend to be the most expensive, but a domain can be very reasonable.

When you find the domain you’re looking for, click the select option to add it to your cart. On the following page, you will choose the extras you want. 

The make it private and website builder extras are irrelevant at the moment so just leave these as ‘No thanks’. 

To set up hosting on your website so that visitors can actually access your web address, select Economy from the Linux Web Hosting option. 

To set up a professional email for your website such as [email protected] or [email protected] through GoDaddy, select the email essentials package from the dropdown as shown below. 

This will cost £2.99 per month as it is hosted with Microsoft Exchange. 

Alternatively, you can set up your own free email addresses through the cPanel.

Select Economy from the Linux Web Hosting option.
Get an email address that matches your domain.

Press continue to cart and you will see a summary of your products, the price may be overwhelming at first as it calculates it as a one off payment. 

If you would prefer to pay monthly for your website then change the options from 12 months to 1 month. This does work out to be more expensive in the long run but if you do not want to commit to a website for a long period of time, it’s definitely worth it to pay monthly, as you can cancel your services at any time.

A summary of your products - Best way to create a website.

The total cost to set up emaptus is only £18.88. The domain name is now registered for a year and the email essentials and economy hosting will be charged for each month. 

This is the final and only cost unless you choose to purchase premium themes or plugins, or have to upgrade your server space to handle more visitors. 

Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and continue to enter your payment details.

Creating your business email address with cPanel (Free) 

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To create up to emails for your domain, on GoDaddy, head to My Products – Web Hosting – Manage (Your Domain) – Email Wizard.

Email Wizard - Best way to create a website.

Select Email Wizard and enter a prefix for your email address. Enter your passwords and select Create Account then select Windows Live.

Windows Live.

To view your emails from this location, select the Login In to Webmail option. Enter your password and continue. Select horde and you will be taken to your inbox. 

To set up this email account on a desktop or mobile mail client, keep note of the SSL settings.

Secure SSL/TLS Settings.

When selecting email type, press Other.

When prompted for a username and password, your username will be the email address and password the password for the email address.

For incoming mail settings, select IMAP and copy the Incoming Server address.

Use the IMAP port for the port option.

For outgoing mail settings, make sure a tick box for authentication is ticked. Copy the outgoing server address and port number. 

Enter all this information and your email address should be up and running.

Creating your email address with GoDaddy (Paid) 

On the following page select Office 365 that will take you to a separate page. Select your domain and continue. Enter your details for the email and ‘Create my own password’.

Creating a paid business email address with godaddy to creat a website.

Accessing email on desktop 

Navigate to My Account (top right) Click on My Products Office 365 login.

Accessing email on desktop to create a website.

Accessing email on iPhone 

Navigate to Settings Mail, Contacts and Calendars Add Account Exchange Then enter in your login details. This process is similar for android and other smart phones, simply select Exchange when prompted for email type.

Adding additional emails

Navigate to My Account (top right) My Products Office 365 Manage Add user Office 365 email Get Started Add email essentials to cart.

Installing WordPress on your website – Best way to create a website.

This is the last step before your website is up and running. 

Navigate to My Account (top right) Click on My Products – Web Hosting – Manage.

Web Hosting.

Under ‘New cPanel’ select Set Up, follow the steps, choose a data center. Create a cPanel login. When prompted to install WordPress select Yes.

Installing WordPress on your website to create a website.

Create a WordPress username and password. This is what you will enter at

Click Finish and that’s it! Your website is now live. You will be taken to a summary page that will show you your website’s usage.

A summary page that will show you your website's usage - create a website.

The memory usage is the only aspect you will have to worry about if you are planning on uploading over 512mb of files. But for simple websites, this should be more than sufficient.

Welcome to WordPress – Best way to create a website.

Navigate the menus of wordpress - to create a website.

Navigate to – this is where you will log into the WordPress dashboard to manage everything on your website. 

It’s a very simple system to use, which is why it’s so popular. We suggest having a play around, navigate the menus and get a feel for the system.

Posts – create new posts that are posted to your website.

Media – any files you upload to your website during posts or pages will be stored here.

Links – add links to your website in categories.

Pages – manage and add different webpages to your website.

Comments – when people post comments on your posts (if you allow it) you can view and moderate them here.

Appearance – manage the appearance of your website, install themes, widgets.

Plugins – install and update plugins, these give your website further functionality.

Users – add and manage other users to the website, set privileges for editors or administrators.

Tools – when you install certain plugins, they can be managed from here, also let’s you import and export content from other systems.

Settings – add information about your website, change preferences for subscribers and change default WordPress settings.

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How to drive traffic to your website?

Watch the video: How to make $2697.71 in 4 days by affiliate marketing?

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