Best strategy to make money blogging

Best strategy to make money blogging

I have summarized here the best strategy to make money blogging, the roadmap to follow to finally be able to live fully from your blogging activity.

If you want to learn how to make money blogging, you have to ditch the bogus advice you’ve read here and there. Yes, I will be direct and very frank in this article.

I think you’ve wasted enough time like this.

When it comes to blogging and being able to make money blogging, we hear too much generic advice. We will tell you to find an area that you are passionate about and to sell expensive products.

However, your passion is not at all profitable, and besides, you have no real products to sell for your audience. In short, you are reading classic advice that is not suited to your situation.

What is going on in general? Most will give up because they are fed up with writing in a vacuum and one moment has to pay the bills. So they give up the blog and think it was nonsense and a dream that they were sold without scruples.

The others, the more daring, will go on and after a few years with very low traffic, they will start selling products to their audiences. Yes, great, but they will have toiled uselessly for 3 or 5 years for nothing. So, that it was quite possible to make money blogging, after only a few months.

Succeed 3 years later… Ah… They start to have interesting traffic so they can sell a product… Then…. There, well they realize that it is complicated…. They nevertheless wrote a sales page in the rules art and they have a good product… Still, nothing, nada… His audience doesn’t buy as they would like.

In short, all this is the very classic journey of an average person who starts blogging. If this sounds like you, that’s okay. You are not (at all) alone in this situation.

However, it is quite possible to make money blogging. Achievable even. It’s not that it’s going to take years, it’s that you are just applying the wrong advice. If your blog takes years to become profitable, there is a real, deeper problem.

This is the harsh truth you have to hear if you want to make a difference.

This is also why I decided to write this article. To show you how to make money blogging. I described in this article the 8 steps to take back your blog in hand. If you sincerely and deeply want to make money blogging, roll up your sleeves, my friend.

We will be able to start with the little important tips before getting to the heart of the matter.

Tip 1: Stop believing everything you’re told.

The biggest mistake when embarking on any project is being too fooled. So, at the same time, it makes you move forward, but on the other hand, you lose a lot because you are applying the wrong methods. Hope makes you live, as they say, but that’s not how you’re going to pay for your lifestyle.

So, please understand that a blog is a real business.

Those are gone when the blog was an online journal where you naively exposed your ideas and opinions to curious readers. This time is over. I’m sorry to tell you this.

Becoming aware of this may help you move forward better, so I prefer to tell you bluntly.

If you want to make money blogging, if you want to make a living from your blog, you have no option but to think like a business owner.

Stop thinking like a blogger, this is only when you are writing or when you are resting. The rest of the time to keep your blog running, you have to think like a diehard entrepreneur.

Most blogging advice is harmful and not helpful. Stop clinging to dreams and promises. Most people who start a blog fail. That is the truth. They fail because they don’t realize that having a blog is BUSINESS.

Tip 2: Create systems rather than content …

Yes, that is the number 1 mistake when creating a blog. We always try to produce only content. We believe that this is the heart of our profitability.

In fact, no, it’s not your articles that are going to make you rich. It must enter your minds who want to make money blogging.

Yes, that’s good in itself, that’s for sure. But, that’s not the main thing.

Either way, you can do whatever you want, almost no one reads you. No matter how hard you apply and write well-referenced articles, you barely have 50 visitors a day who fail on your blog, without even signing up for your newsletter.

So, there is something else to work out before posting any content, okay?

Again, you are now the manager of a business and not just an unrepentant blogger desperate to make money blogging.

Let’s start, okay? I can sense your impatience behind my screen. Please excuse me, but I had to tell you everything.

How to make money blogging? - Roadmap to follow

How to make money blogging? The roadmap to follow.

You may know this but I have written articles before to show you how to monetize a blog. Sincerely, I will not go over these methods because what matters is to show you how to make a blog in certain terms.

No, so I will not list for the umpteenth time, all the options available to you to earn money with your blog. I am not going to tell you that you can make money by affiliating, selling your products, or advertising.

No, it’s no use. Why? For the simple reason that if you don’t have the right basics, you can do what you want, you are not going to gain much. Even with all the effort in the world, I promise you that.

I see a lot of bloggers stuck in this situation. They have everything to be successful, but their blog is wobbly. Not possible to earn money, because upstream, the blog was not well thought out. Thus that’s what we’ll discuss here. We will instead focus on how you will be able to make money your blogging.

We will finally develop your blog like a business and not like a vulgar online newspaper gathering articles. Now, let’s move on to the first thing you need to do.

Step 1: Rethink your niche market like a pro blogger

Determine your blog niche based on market circumstances, not your enthusiasm. There’s a reason 95% of bloggers fail, and it’s not the reason you think.

The current myth is that bloggers fail because they are not “passionate enough”. No, people are not tired or exhausted from passionate fears. They are just exhausted from doing it besides their jobs. They are even rather exhausted from not being able to make a living from it. That is the truth.

The real reason bloggers fail is the same reason any business fails: It just isn’t profitable. They don’t have the luxury of being able to continue talking about their passions like that.

That’s why there are plenty of people who still embark on their passions and who discover a year later that their blog or their project is doomed to failure.

Besides, I have to tell you something. You know, when you google for the information you are going to come across generic articles.

They are written by professional copywriters who are good at SEO. These are articles written for google robots.

They are not going to give you exactly the personalized information you are looking for….

So, there you have it, your priority now, must be to think well about your niche. It is essential from the start to find a profitable blog niche.

I want you to be successful. Me too, I went through this, and I too when I started, 6 years ago, I did not know the real methods of making money blogging.

I too wasted a calculable amount of time wondering how to get traffic, how to sell etc.

So, in reality, I mainly had a problem with my niche! That was already the number 1 problem to be solved.

Since then I have created other blogs and since I was choosing the right niche right away, guess what? Yes, I was very quickly profitable.

To choose your niche, here are the 3 factors you MUST take into account

Find a problem: Within your niche, you should target a real problem that your readers are having from the start. If you later want to offer a product, think of a solution-problem.

Why else would you buy a product, eh? Start by examining the niches in which you are a member of the target audience. In this approach, your domain expertise gleams faster.

Professional lever: Think about the openings you will be able to see. Project yourself and see if there are a lot of professional players in your sector.

Have you chosen the drawing niche to teach your readers to draw? Look at the brands, graphics tablets, and the whole universe of product types that there is in your niche market.

Don’t go into a market where the professional world is small. There, we are talking about making money blogging. There must be a B2B market, for example.

Market demand: Of course, this is the ultimate basis for a profitable blog. Is there a great demand for this market? I mean, are there a lot of blogs or a lot of articles on it?

Yes, before deciding on this or that niche, be sure that there are products to sell, articles written, and that people are doing what you would like to do.

To recap this part, when determining your niche, rather than worrying about your enthusiasms and trying to attract thousands of passive and low-value visitors, concentrate on the 2-3 high-value customers.

See how the approach is different? This is exactly how you should think of as an entrepreneur. Remember your goal is to make money blogging.

Step 2: Find your expertise

After you find a lucrative audience to deliver value to, the next step is to find where you are great. You have to ask yourself the question very frankly:

  • What is my level of professional experience?
  • And what have I done in the past that can help me today?
  • What can I do well compared to others?

Imagine that tomorrow I had to write a guest article on an area that I like to talk about my expertise. I would say what?

To make money blogging, you must first create a character. It’s still yourself but in a professional version in a way. You have to strengthen your expertise.

I know it is difficult and that we are not all megalomaniacs. But, it will take effort. To tell you the truth, for me that was the hardest part too.

Presenting myself as an expert in blogging, displaying it like that in front of everyone, I had a hard time. It was something that I didn’t like.

But, hey, this is necessary if you want to have a pro and profitable blog. I too had trouble with that part. Still, it’s essential if you want to make money blogging. That’s why I insist that do not succumb to your fears. Don’t focus on your weaknesses.

You must emphasize your strengths: This is not about lying, it is not about exaggerating. It’s just about showing you what you really (and logically) are: an expert in your niche.

Step 3: Target your keywords

Frankly, what I see most often is bloggers, who are not targeting their keywords enough. You know, the blog you read here, in 6 months, I referenced it on the keywords I wanted.

I mean, go to SemRush, don’t worry, some tools do it all for you. Do not deprive yourself of it. It can help you so greatly to build your profitable blog.

Select only 10 keywords to get started. Those who are the most typed in your field. Then eliminate those where the competition is too strong.

You want to make money blogging, so you have to know how to get straight to the point, my friends.

If your top 5 keywords have search volumes of at least 5,000, it shows that there is interest in those topics. Here is an example of my target keyword in this blog post:

If your keywords have difficulty scores of 50 or more, the competition may be too fierce for you to make an impact. Research target keywords with 1,000+ monthly searches and less than 40 difficulty points so you can potentially drive more traffic with less competition.

To sum up, focus less on writing and more on keyword research. Each blog post should target a keyword. No need to write a thousand articles on similar keywords either. Instead, write a very well detailed article once and for all.

I assure you of one thing: It is more profitable to write 10 well-referenced in-depth articles than 100 articles of 500 poorly referenced words.

Step 4: Stop doing what you can’t do and delegate as much as possible

What if the secret to making money blogging was not ultimately based on the content? What if everything you’ve been taught about starting a blog limits you more than anything else?

Remember: you are a business owner, not just a blogger. I know, I’m repeating myself because it has to get into your head. If you want to make money blogging, you have no choice.

I will now tell you what matters if you decide to make money blogging. What you need is a real system.

Don’t waste your energy trying to write an article that you’re going to botch. Stop right now, please.

I am not going to tell you that we must continue and persist. Not like that and not right now, you who are not making money blogging. No, I’m not a hypocrite and I’ll tell you what you don’t want to hear, maybe.

Don’t you know how to write? Are you upset with the spelling and overall writing isn’t your cup of tea?

But, why the hell do you want to write it yourself? I mean, a bad article, it shows when he writes by force.

Instead of forcing yourself, hire a freelance copywriter! There are so many web editors out there who love to write and do it well. Stop straining yourself and hire people to write your important articles. Quite simple.

Go to a platform like Fiverr and you will incredibly free yourself.

You can finally concentrate on the essentials: take care of your business and bring in money.

Step 5: Provide value to others by writing guest posts

Before you start building relationships with other bloggers and influencers in your niche, you need to understand a central concept in a profitable business: You have to provide value to others.

Don’t get into networking just thinking about what you will get out of it. Now is the time to prevent being selfish. It is by giving that you will receive. Never forget it.

At this stage, you will therefore seek opportunity to publish guest articles. Nothing more.

As a first step, therefore, you must focus on the benefits that you will offer to others. Ask yourself deep inside yourself before sending an email to anyone:

  • What value do you bring to this collaboration?
  • Could you provide content because your expertise matches the interests of its audience?
  • Does his blog currently need specific content?
  • Is there a topic that you are familiar with that is not yet written on their blog?

Now that you know why you are going to approach a leader in your field, it’s time to figure out what to do.

Once you understand the value you can bring, it’s time to start building your blog mailing list. This list should be a simple spreadsheet with 3 columns: site, name, email address. A column also to indicate whether or not you have contacted the person.

Remember, the higher the DA (Domain Authority), the stronger the partnership potential, and the greater the SEO impact you will get from the relationship.

To save time in your research, look for blogs that accept guest posts. Then, contact each blogger in your domain (more or less distant) and offer them a collaboration.

Here is an example of a template that I used for this blog:

Hi (first name),

My name is Robert and I created Smart Passive Income Streams to share my tips on passive income ideas and online money-making techniques in general. I am contacting you because I would like to collaborate with you as we have a rather similar audience. So, I would like to suggest that I write a guest post on your blog. I was thinking of writing an article on ‘title’ because I think it would help your audience to ‘subject’.

Tell me if this interests you or if maybe you have another topic in mind?

Thank you for your attention,


That’s all. Okay, I gave you a generic email; But, I change each time, the tone and the style according to the blogger to whom I speak. Be flexible and try to speak the same tone as the other person.

However, the quality of the content of your guest posts is very important.

Make sure you use headings, paragraph text, and links to your content correctly. Follow the guidelines of guest articles carefully and use one of the best grammar checking tools if you want to improve the quality of your writing.

It is important, it is the content of your guarantee and your professionalism.

Step 6: Focus on one (single) type of monetization

Yes, first of all, and since it is not yet possible to make money blogging, please focus on only one method.

There are many options to make money with your blog as you know. Precisely, I noticed that it is the fact that there are several methods of blog monetization that confuses bloggers.

You already know: affiliate marketing, advertising, selling online training, one-on-one coaching, consulting, sponsored publications, selling physical products, etc.

But before you jump into either method, be relevant. Some of these income sources require more traffic than others.

This is why it is essential to choose your future monetization strategy according to the cycle in which your blog is located.

For example, if you’ve just started a new travel blog, it doesn’t make sense to run ads all over your site. Making money with advertising requires you to have hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors to be profitable. Do you see it?

Likewise, you also shouldn’t start affiliate marketing and cram a bunch of links all over your blog like what I can see all over the place. If you want to make money with affiliate blogging, you have to do it once you have well-ranking articles. Not necessarily a lot of traffic, but targeted traffic.

Yes, you can get a place where you generate “passive income” through affiliate marketing, courses, ad revenue, and digital products, but it can take years.

And if you want to start making money with your blog and start blogging to the fullest, I have even better things for you.

The most profitable form of blog monetization can be practiced from day one and doesn’t need a lot of traffic.

The ideal timeline for monetizing your blog will focus on maximizing income at every stage of your blog growth.

Remember that there are four levels more or less for a blog:

  • You have little traffic (Less than 3000 visitors per month): Do high-end consulting / Coaching / Consulting.
  • Traffic up to 5000 visitors per month: Start affiliate marketing.
  • In case you have 10,000 visitors per month: You can sell an e-book or online training.
  • And if you have over 30,000 monthly visitors: You are on your way to successful entrepreneurs, my friend and there you can even sell subscription courses or slightly more expensive training.

You know what? The worst mistake when bloggers who can’t make a living from their blogs? They almost always choose the wrong method of monetization. Almost always …

I know something. Yes, I know very well that it might seem counterintuitive to start with coaching or consulting if you’re a brand new blog without a lot of traffic.

Likewise, I know very well that you tell yourself that you do not have the legitimacy. It’s a bit the same as what we saw in the step to find your superpower.

However, if you’ve published guest posts on major blogs in your field, you’ve already gained credibility. Also, you have written 5 or more articles that are very well detailed and clearly show your competence.

So, stop consistently getting down on yourself, okay?

Why do you think you can’t sell advice or consulting? IF you are good at what you do and provide value, there is no reason to limit yourself and sabotage yourself.

Of course, coaching or consulting, it’s real work that will take you time. There is also no need to offer prices that are too low. Here again, you will lose credibility even if it is paradoxical.

Step 7: Create a sales funnel and a specific sales journey.

I assure you of something when you read this article. Often, in blogger coaching, this is the crux of the matter. This is what we will work on often because it is often the central problem.

I can’t do this on a case-by-case basis here in this general article, but I will give you a method that works well for many bloggers. Remember that nothing beats a personalized journey according to your products and your audience.

As you increase your traffic, you can focus on cheaper offers like creating online training, affiliate products, sponsored posts, and other products.

However, the most lucrative way to monetize a new blog is to offer a fairly expensive deal (prorated for the value you bring, especially) from the start.

This is a simple income balancing exercise as you increase your traffic. The more recent your blog is and the less traffic you have, the higher your price must be to compensate.

Here are the five steps to creating an effective funnel.

  1. A user reads your content from your blog and finds out that you are proficient in your field.
  2. On your blog, your reader may see buttons that take them to your coaching/consulting page.
  3. He or she will opt in for a product offered as an e-book or a free consulting session. This is usually ideal because the consultant himself needs to know if he can help the client. So this free call session is very helpful for both parties.
  4. You make your first call where you introduce yourself to your client.
  5. Likewise, your client tells you about his problems. This is how you see after the session the continuation (or not) of your consulting.

You don’t need to know how to make things too complicated. A profitable business is a simple business.

If you want to make money blogging, I assure you that you need to simplify the customer journey. Your blog needs to know what you are doing and where to go easily.

Basically, to make money blogging, present your about page, your coaching page, and your pillar articles that add value and show your competence.

Of course, email software is ESSENTIAL here. It is with the pop-up or your insert to subscribe to the newsletter, that you can communicate with your audience.

It’s a bit of your intimate space for dialogue with your audience. Ah, another thing: No need to use it just to sell your products.

Frankly, it’s super boring, and far too many entrepreneurs do that. This type of harassment will not last in the long term. I promise you.

I’ll say it again: you are a business owner, not just a little blogger. Read this article if this dimension: When you’re no longer a blogger but an entrepreneur….

Think of all those business sites that seem to be straight out of 1995 and yet are still profitable. They might have a rotten, old school design but at least they get customers.

They bring value. This is what matters. Indeed, it is by having a good system that you can finally make money blogging. This is the only secret to fully live your passion-blog.

The initial goal of your new blog isn’t to write a bunch of blog posts that no one will ever find or read.

Your goal and your daily life are not to write 10,000 articles per month. No, you just need to write a maximum of 20 large articles that answer your customer’s question. Quite simply.

A blog is not an advertising medium either. Writing ten thousand lost articles deep in the web is not at all viable, and you know it. Are you exhausted from not seeing results, am I wrong?

Take action, a dear blogger friend, and create a good sales funnel and sell your coaching and consulting offer.

From day one, your goal of making money blogging should be: everything you write should be directed to the presentation page of your coaching.

This page should appear in your menu bar, at the very top, and always visible on your blog. In the footer and the sidebar without it weighing down your blog either.

Step 8: Create an email list

When creating your funnel, you should use an email marketing software. This is the basis as you already know. It is so functional and a Swiss Army knife that you can do anything on it.

But, I notice that a lot of bloggers don’t have the right tools in terms of email. Which I can understand because really, it’s hard to find good concrete information on it.

With the right email activation on your blog, you maximize the number of potential visitors entering your email funnel and convert your visitors into customers.

Make money blogging - follow the 8 steps to take your blog back.


There you go, I think I told you the basics for this article. But, well, this is only an article, I can not yet specify all the elements that I would like. Otherwise, I don’t know if it would be relevant in this format.

To recap how I want you to think about how to make money blogging, look at it this way: To earn $ 1,000 in recurring monthly income from your blog, you must either:

  • Sell ​​20 products at $ 50 per sale each month.
  • Or do 3 coachings per month at $450.

Which one is easier?

Lastly, by adopting the right blog monetization tactics from day one, you can make money that will improve your life as a blogger in months, not years.

Hope this article has helped you learn how to make money blogging. I wanted to bring the most crucial information to you.

That said, remember that every situation is unique, every blog or business requires unique strategies. This is also why nothing is more effective (in my opinion than personalized coaching ).

Good luck and don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or just leave a comment below to share your thoughts and experience.

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