Best affiliate marketing platforms

Best affiliate marketing platforms

Choose from the best affiliate marketing platforms that meet your needs. Follow the guide to save you lots of time and energy.


ClickBank has nearly 200 million stakeholders around the world. It builds a vast network of digital marketing experts and a support team to facilitate the user experience. 

ClickBank is the perfect platform for bloggers working in smaller niches (Article on my blog). ClickBank has a simplified affiliate search tool. 

It detects marketers by geographic region, age group, and other determining factors by industry. 

For affiliates, ClickBank is one of the most affordable platforms. In addition to details about sales and commissions, the platform integrates third-party reporting tools. So it’s possible to monitor sales performance in the market.

ClickBank is one of the primary affiliate marketing platforms.

CJ Affiliate

It is the best industrial network of the year 2017 at the International Performance Marketing Awards. 

CJ Affiliate is viewed as the largest affiliate marketing platform today. Most of the big brands have their affiliate program at CJ Affiliate. 

On the one hand, it targeted affiliates who want to generate better income. On the other hand, it targets sellers who desire to go beyond traditional affiliate sales to strengthen their activities. 

It’s relatively clear to compare and segment different offers. This platform offers many functionalities (ViewThrough monitoring, lead generation). 

These include link automation, real-time transaction monitoring. Additionally, you can implement widgets, which helps automate sales processes, reach untapped markets, and optimize the affiliate program.

Widgets automate the sales process and give in-depth analysis reports to optimize sales performance.

affiliate marketing platforms


Founded in 2000, Awin is a large affiliate marketing platform operating in more than 11 countries around the world. 

It runs in particular on the British and European market. 

More than 1,600 brands in 77 different sectors produced nearly 148 million sales In 2017. 

Affiliates can choose different advertisers to promote only big brand products. So they can use their notoriety and their trust.

Headquartered in London, the platform offers an array of tools that can help you boost your affiliate marketing campaigns. 

With these benefits, Awin offers affiliates a market of opportunities powered by sponsored publication offers.

Target Affiliates

Target Affiliates is the second-largest general distributor in the United States. American bloggers and affiliates who know how to direct visitors to relevant products are their primary targets.

Affiliates receive a commission on sales made from the catalog of products offered by Target stores. 

Brand recognition makes its affiliate program a better choice for influencers. 

However, the affiliate program does require some work. Indeed, cookies expire quite quickly, and commissions hover around 1%. 

So, the affiliate must manage a high traffic website to be well paid. With brand awareness and catalog, relevant product links remain a primary source of income, which is especially true for influencers.

Affiliate marketing platforms: target affiliates


Rakuten is one of the oldest in affiliate marketing (Article on my blog). This global network of partners brings together companies, which offer global solutions to manage their affiliate relationships effectively. 

Rakuten supports to achieve your marketing goal by monitoring your affiliate programs.

 Its tools integrate program optimization and brand protection to advance your campaigns.

It enables for more flexible action with individual landing pages assigned to affiliates.

And it allows for increased personalization of the types of campaigns they run. 

Rakuten can process payments to 200 countries around the world, and 25 different currencies are supported, which is essential for companies with international subsidiaries. 

The platform allows sellers to try their platform for free and only pay once the subscription is accepted.


ShareASale has become the leading provider of efficient marketing solutions since its creation in 2000. 

ShareASale provides fast and efficient tools that produce accurate and streamlined results for its stakeholders. 

The platform provides cutting-edge technologies enabling companies to develop their affiliate program. 

It allows you to intervene from the structuring of campaigns to the development of ads and data flows. 

Campaign evaluation data includes earnings per click, inversion rate, average sales amounts, average commissions. 

To also help the seller to observe the behavior of the buyer accurately, ShareASale provides them with timestamp data. 

So it’s possible for affiliates to adopt a specific behavior towards their target audience.

ShareASale provides easy and powerful tools that deliver precise results. State-of-the-art technologies are applied to enable you to develop your affiliate program effectively.

You can easily compare offers and have access to real-time statistics.

ShareASale Logo


PeerFly is an excellent reputation and tailor-made affiliate platform. The retailer can reach any affiliate in the world. 

Apply to become an affiliate can be accepted within 72 hours. PeerFly enables personalized follow-up, free training for newcomers, and runs a rewards and contests program. 

It has reasonable payment options: weekly payment by PayPal, Payoneer, check, etc.

It’s possible to access sales statistics on a smartphone. 

PeerFly only remits to its network when a primary transaction, sale, or other measurable transaction occurs.

And PeerFly is distinguished from other platforms by this unique CPA (cost per action) pricing system. This process has earned it multiple awards over the years for service to different groups. 

Over time, the platform generated more than 8 million leads and sales in 165 countries around the world.

PeerFly - affiliate marketing platforms


It is one of the most famous platforms, recognized for its ease of use, its profitability, and a wide choice of products.

To create your affiliate program on Amazon, go to sign up for the Amazon partner program, and then link to the products you want to feature on your website. The commissions are low, but the payment is processed automatically.


Daisycon is a very intuitive Dutch affiliate platform. It offers various affiliate programs as well as lead and CPC campaigns.

And Daisycon is a perfect platform if you want to offer good deals to your subscribers.

It mainly offers paid surveys. However, you should not be in a hurry to attain the commission payment.

Daisycon - one of the affiliate marketing platforms

What do you think?

I’m sure I don’t have all the answers…And I hope you’ll share yours in the comments below.
I’d love to hear your opinions on the affiliate marketing platforms you choose in the comments.

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