24 pinterest traffic secrets

24 Pinterest Traffic Secrets You Should Follow

One viral “Pin” can improve the growth of your blog and deliver it the exposure you never ever imagined of. You can drive so much targeted traffic to your blog utilizing Pinterest Traffic Secrets and you don’t need to do much to succeed in this.

It’s no longer news that social media is the most affordable and simplest means of driving traffic to a website and I have found how many bloggers neglect Pinterest as a source of traffic to their blog. Hence now I have determined to write this post to give some Pinterest traffic secrets to you. 

Pinterest is an excellent source of traffic and the third main source of social media traffic after Facebook and Twitter and perhaps Reddit.

Most bloggers concentrate solely on Facebook and Twitter for their social media traffic while ignoring Pinterest, Pinterest can make the numbers up for you if executed right. 

Simply copy my Pinterest Traffic Secret guide correctly and increase your website’s traffic in a pretty short time.

1 . Set up Your Pinterest Account

The primary and foremost point is to set up your Pinterest account.

if you don’t previously have one. Just go to Pinterest, click on the “Sign up with email” button, or “sign up with Facebook” button to sign up with your Facebook account.

If you already have a Pinterest account, just log in to your Pinterest account using the “Login” link on this page. 

Considering you are new to Pinterest, I will encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Pinterest platform so you won’t have trouble when using it. 

Pinterest has plenty of great features such as pins, likes, analytics, boards, settings, etc. You can also link your other social media accounts to Pinterest and discover your friends who may already be using Pinterest. It is the initial Pinterest traffic secret I am sharing with you.

2. Verify your Website

You require to verify your website on Pinterest so your audience can easily find your website through your Pinterest page. 

Verifying your website will positively increase your blog’s visibility and further improve your general website’s SEO efforts.

3. Link Your Other Social media accounts with Your Pinterest account.

The charm of social media is in their simple interlinking and compatibility with one another. Next, setting up your Pinterest account and familiarizing yourself with the Pinterest platform, the following thing to do will be to link your Pinterest account with your other social media accounts. This way you can quickly connect with your Social media friends and this will provide your Pinterest campaign a pretty big help.

The nature of this is to automatically share your Pinterest pins to your linked social media accounts so more eyeballs will notice it. You will earn more outreach that way, therefore I advise you to connect your Pinterest account with your other social media accounts.

4. Create secret boards and populate them with images before publishing them public.

The following advice would’ve been to start designing boards and start pinning just as a beginner, I advise you otherwise. 

It won’t be very good for a visitor to reach to your boards to see it scanty, so my third Pinterest traffic secret is to create secret boards, populate them with pins before publishing them to the public.

Use appealing names for your board names, write a description that best explains the board, choose the best category, and click on the secret button to change it to yes. Next, you must have populated the board with posts, later you can switch off the secret button to “No”.

5.Build Follower-base

If you desire to be successful in Pinterest then you require a lot of followers. Your pins will frequently be visible to your followers and if you own few followers then you won’t make the best out of Pinterest. Therefore practice whatever means at your disposal to increase your Pinterest follower-base.

pinterest traffic secrets data

6.Use Pin It Button on your Blog – Pinterest Traffic Secrets

This is where I find most bloggers fail, we often use social share plugins though I have noticed many bloggers don’t activate the “Pin” button. Even those that activate it don’t get the benefits of using it. 

You don’t simply get backlinks from posts pinned on Pinterest, it can drive so much traffic back to your site. 

The images you pin on Pinterest are clickable and can bring visitors back to the source of the Pin and in this situation, if your blog is the source of the Pin, it will bring the visitors back to your blog.

7. Use # Hashtags on your Pins 

Use # hashtags on your Pin’s description as this will benefit you correctly categorize your Pin and make it simpler for people searching for such topics to easily locate your Pins. 

Exactly like on Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest hashtags categorize pins and this makes it easier for people to locate such content when they search the keywords. This is one Pinterest traffic secret most bloggers do not know.

8. Make videos/Infographics and Pin them.

Pinterest enables users to pin videos from Youtube and Vimeo, to increase your site’s traffic, make videos, and upload to Youtube and Pin them. Having a mixed-up kind of content on your Pinterest board can hugely increase your website’s traffic. The same works with Infographics, make great looking Infographics and Pin them likewise.

9. Pin during Peak Periods

Pinning during peak periods can hugely affect how successful your Pinterest campaign could be. Researches have shown that most users are on Pinterest in the afternoons between 2 pm – 4 pm and evenings between 8 pm – 1 am. Thus take advantage of these periods and schedule your Pins during these periods for efficient outreach and more opportunities of driving more extra traffic to your blog.

10. Pin Tall Images – Pinterest Traffic Secrets

Taller images gain more attention on Pinterest.  Individually, I have noticed that most of my Pins with more repins are tall images, so leverage on this and get the best out of Pinterest and use it as a mechanism to drive enormous traffic to your blog.

When someone repins your pin, that post becomes exposed to all their followers and if any of their followers repin it, it becomes exposed to their own followers further. 

So you recognize how a post can go viral on Pinterest? And the best part is that the image, no matter the number of times it is repinned, maintains the original credit (that’s you) and the original link (that’s your website’s link).

11. Pin Thirty Things a Day – Pinterest Traffic Secrets

Pinterest loves engagement. So start pinning right now! Pin thirty things you love (not your personal content, you dork! ) today. And tomorrow. And for all of your tomorrows. Make a recurring schedule note. It doesn’t take long. Pinterest will reward you for staying an engaged Pinterest user.

12. Follow Ten People a Day

Do you desire to grow your Pinterest followers? Sure, you do! Then, start following other people. Ten people every day, to start. How? Find someone cool and follow the people they follow. Or, just mix it up, and follow the people who follow them. This happens quickly and easily.

13. Like Twenty Pins a Day

Notice a pin you like that doesn’t suit one of your boards? Tap that heart button. Pinterest rewards you credit for liking — about as much as they do for repinning. I bet you can like 20 pins without yet scrolling within your home feed.

14. Apply for Rich Pins

Rich pins boost your pins reach out in the sea of pins on Pinterest. Plus they’re easy to apply for. If you just do a few of the steps in this post, be sure that this is one of them.

15. Make an Excellent Favicon – Pinterest Traffic Secrets

Another method to get your pins to stand out from the crowd is to design a fun favicon. Actuality, if you don’t own one, you’re likely helping someone other than you when you pin your rich pins.

Talking about Pinterest Traffic Secrets

16. Put Keywords to Your Pinterest Name

When people search online (or the pin-internet in this case), what keywords should lead them to you? Your Pinterest profile allows for 37 characters, which, we don’t need to tell you, is not enough. If your first name has six letters, you’re now down to 31 for descriptions. Be selective. You’ll need to do some research on what people are searching for.

17. Put Keywords to Your Pinterest Profile Description

Your profile description has 160 characters, which, if you went through the pain and difficulty of trying to figure out how to fill a lift speech into 37 characters in your Pinterest name, should let you rest a big sigh of relief. 

Present your personality in this part, but utilize keywords! Do not forget that Pinterest is a search engine as well. Show people what you are all about and what they can expect to see on your boards.

18. Connect Your Website to Pinterest by Adding a Plugin

It’s not sufficient to bring the Pinterest volumes to your website, you need people who hit your website to recognize you’re active on Pinterest as well! The plugin I recommend to use to place pins in your sidebar is Pinterest RSS Widget. It puts your latest pin and a “follow me” button in your sidebar.

19. Transform Your Account to a Business Account

Go to business.pinterest.com and change your account to a business account. Why? Because checking Pinterest analytics is about (but not truly) as addictive as checking Google Analytics. Who’s in your viewers? What are they clicking on? How can you approach them? These are all subjects that can be explained if you switch to a business account.

20. Design Those Boards!

Believe it or not, people will come to see your content. Are your boards designed on your profile in a manner that makes sense? Place the boards with your content in your top row, and place the board you want people to see immediately in the top-left corner. 

Make sure to replace the top two rows up seasonally, because Christmas in July doesn’t make very much sense as BBQ recipes.

21. Put Real Words for Your Board Names – Pinterest Traffic Secrets

Keep in mind, people are using Pinterest to search, and if you want your boards to show up while a person needs to find what they’re making for dinner, do not name your board “the course before dessert”, just name it “dinner” instead. Or, if you pin more than I do, break things up. Create a board for everyone!

22. Discover Related Group Boards – Pinterest Traffic Secrets

Let’s say you don’t have many followers and still want to get your pins noticed by more people? Follow a group board! 

It was guaranteed that group boards are the way to get more pins, but people were abusing this way, so Pinterest lately changed their algorithm to adjust for that. Thus, group boards are no longer a magic solution, but they’re still cool. 

Locate a related group board in Pin Junkie’s Pinterest Group Board Directory or Pin Groupie (sort by several repins) and apply to join. Make sure the group boards you apply to are accessible for membership before you take time trying to get in contact with someone. The rules are generally listed on the board.

23. Create Your Own Group Board – Pinterest Traffic Secrets

You’re in charge of the group board created by you. Plus, as someone who knows a thing or two about the topic you started, you will be noticed immediately. Go to create your group board, invite your friends to cooperate, then support its growth!

24. Pin Before Season – Pinterest Traffic Secrets

Consider like big retailers when planning your Pinterest content. You understand what companies I’m referring to. 

When you step into the drugstore in October, only to see Christmas has exploded? Feeling like that’s “too soon” for stuff is normal, but now using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, you’re on the other side of this all of a sudden. Understand there ARE people out there who start considering Christmas well before December 1. Start pinning seasonal content (yours and others) as soon as you see that thing appear in the store (particularly six to eight weeks before the festival).

Other Tips – Pinterest Traffic Secrets

Make sure your profile’s search privacy is not turned on as this could prevent your profile from showing on search engines and you could be missing out on the search engine traffic.

An image may be deserving a thousand words, but Pinterest is working to find ideas to make it deserving thousands of bucks, and bloggers like you and I are searching for methods to generate a lot of traffic from it. 

I wish I have been able to share some honest Pinterest traffic secrets on this post, if you have any ideas, please comment below.

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